Cheerleading teams continue tradition of excellence


Julia Satterthwaite

By Taylor Simmons

Approximately 80 girls participate on the varsity, JV and freshmen cheer teams at RHS, tumbling, jumping and cheering at practice in the mall and on the sidelines of the football and basketball games in the fall and winter, respectively.

“Being on the varsity cheer team is a much different experience than the other two teams,” senior Erica Lazzarini said. “The pressure, workout and stress to always give your full potential is a lot to handle.”

It isn’t just varsity that is trying to keep all the pressure balanced, according to junior Hope Fryer.

“Cheer is pretty difficult,” Fryer said. “It’s the amount of work you put in that comes out.”

Cheer practice is just as regimented as the cheers themselves and includes stunting, cheering, practicing and conditioning.

“Yes, being on the cheer team is difficult, but it is what makes us stronger so we can be the best we can be,” Lazzarini said.

Freshman cheerleaders are aware that they are involved in a strong program and must be committed.

“Cheer is life,” freshman Karlyn Kelley said. “I wouldn’t be able to function without going to cheer everyday.”

Fryer agrees that cheer is essential to her life and thinks one aspect stands out above the rest.

“If I could could describe cheer in one word it would be teamwork,” Fryer said.

Teamwork plays a role in determining how far the cheer team will get once competition season begins.

“The strengths on are team are endless,” Lazzarini said. “We have the passion, skill, teamwork, effective productivity, and most of all the mentality it takes to be a varsity cheerleader.”

Each team has their own bond, and freshman Karlyn Kelley enjoys the bonding experience.

“I’m enjoying the program a lot,” Kelley said. “Our coach is great, and I’m getting along very well with all of my teammates.”

Each team also has a different personality, and freshman cheer coach Amber Scott explains the high-energy level of her team.

“Overall, my team is very outgoing and very energetic,” Coach Scott said. “I have quite a different mix of personalities and talents levels. Some have cheered before and some have not. They have learned to work better as a group, coming from two different middle schools can be challenging at the beginning.”

Coach Scott also explained why she’s proud of her group.

“They have vastly improved since the start of the season and work on continually improving each day,” Coach Scott said. “I’m proud of how far they have come in such a short period of time and I look forward to next season. They’re a fun and dedicated group.”