R.A.T.S. holds auditions for fall musical


Ninotchka Valdez

Approximately 90 students tried out for this year’s musical “Grease” on Sept., 24 after school in the auditorium. Callbacks were held on Sept. 25 and the cast list of 67 students who were offered parts was posted on Theatre Director Frank Gollon’s webpage by that evening.

Mr. Gollon explained how “Grease” was chosen.

“When it comes to the selection of the musicals we do, it’s actually a committee that works together comprised of myself, Mr. and Mrs. Miesch, Mrs. Plotzke and Mr. Nadeau had input on this one,” Mr. Gollon said. “So, it’s really all the different departments together within the theater and music that have input on the show.”

There are three main reasons why this selection committee thought “Grease” would be successful this year.

“One of the reasons we did ‘Grease,’ was one, we’ve never done it; two, it’s a show with lots of popularity that we knew we could draw a lot of people in; plus, it’ll sell greatly amongst our audience so we can hopefully make some money off of it,” Mr. Gollon said.

Sophomore Andrea Cota discusses the ideal candidate for a musical.

“To be in the musical, you need to be a triple threat,” Cota said. “They put you into three sections: acting, singing and dancing. By doing the three sections, I feel like you get to see everyone’s triple threats and if they can actually do it, and I think that’s a good structure.”