iPhone 6 release date coming soon


Mr. Zwolinski aka Apple sheep caught appreciating his iPhone. Photo by Luke Deel

Colette Cloutier

By Colette Cloutier, Luke Deel and Maria Broecker

Apple is at it again. The next iPhone event is scheduled for Sept. 9 when more information about the iPhone 6 will be confirmed.

“My expectations are not very high,” history teacher Mr. Zwolinski said. “Everyone keeps down playing it, but I do anticipate a bigger screen. I’m disappointed that they aren’t doing any of the add-ons that the Android keeps doing.”

Senior Izzy Tan has high hopes.

“I’m expecting that it’s better and faster than the 5s,” Tan said. “I like the size of the 5s so I feel like if it gets bigger it will be too much like the Galaxy.”

Like most consumers, both Tan and Mr. Zwolinski have their own ideas of improvements that they wish to see in the new version.

“Even though the 5s has the fingerprint screen lock, I would like if it was anywhere on the phone kind of so you could unlock it from anywhere, not just in the middle,” Tan said.

Mr. Zwolinski would like to see more technological advances, following the path of the Android.

“I’d like to see a USB port and more expandable storage, especially after what has just happened with the cloud,” Mr. Zwolinski said. “Along with more performance, more connections between devices, and a few more bells and whistles such as Adobe Flash.”

Apple customers still must follow normal upgrade regulations and contract restrictions despite the upcoming release. Tan is in no hurry to make the switch.

“My parents will pay for the upgrade, but I’m satisfied with the 5s, so when my contract is up I will get it,” Tan said.

Mr. Zwolinski could have gotten an upgrade last September, but has been anxiously awaiting the iPhone 6.

“I am an Apple sheep and I do what Apple says,” Mr. Zwolinski said.