BRIEF: RHS Cheer Team holds fundraiser


Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

The RHS cheerleading team is currently in the process of fundraising cookie dough to purchase new equipment. Each year, the three teams combine together to raise as much money as possible by selling things people seem to love. Junior, Kate Gardner, being her third year doing this fundraiser, talks about the purpose of selling these products.

“This fundraiser does benefit the cheerleading program,” Gardner said. “It helps raise money to go towards new uniforms, equipment, mats, and much more!”

Everyone has their own opinion on this fundraiser, but it matters more if it is successful or not.

“I like this kind of fundraiser because it basically sells on it’s own,” Gardner said. “It is extremely easy because most people love the products that are sold and they always want more.”

The cheerleading team has came to love this fundraiser because people seem to love it and are excited for this time of year to come.

“The cookie dough company is a Michigan based company,” Gardner said. “The cheer program got involved with the cookie dough fundraiser a few years ago.”

The cheer team had many different fundraisers to raise money, and each of them are completely different.

“The cheer team does other fundraisers besides the cookie dough,” Gardner said. “We have two car washes every year, however, our biggest fundraiser is hosting our own competitions. Our competitions draw in a large crowd and it is our biggest way of raising money for our program.”