Senior column: Michael Kainz

Senior column: Michael Kainz

Michael Kainz

Recently, it has come to my attention that I’m in the final leg of my high school journey. I’ve realized that the experiences I’ve had both good and bad, have molded me into the man I am today. Without further adieu, I would like to do a quick overview of how each year has impacted me and led me to where I am now, a graduating senior.

In my freshman year, I took an LA 9 class taught by Ms. Wood, which exposed me to good quality writing needed to succeed in high school writing classes. I learned in this class that the writing you do for a history paper is different than the writing you would do for a language arts class. Then, I saw very good examples of excellent literary stories and writing, such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Speak.

Now on to my sophomore year, I took an LA 10 class, which was taught by Mr. Miesch. Through this class, I learned all the grammar mechanics that would be needed in order to be a better writer. After writing a couple of essays, at the end of the year I was given this note from Mrs. Satterthwaite. It talked about how good my writing was and how much she would like me to join the Talon staff. As soon as I got that note, I went and talked to Mrs. Satterthwaite after school. We talked about what I would have to do if I was a member of the talon and what I could write about.

Next, in my junior year, I started the year thinking about if I wanted to join The Talon. I thought and slept on this idea for awhile. Then, I asked my parents about what I should do, because during that year I took Journalism 1, in which I made new friends and enjoyed the class. My parents told me I should join The Talon staff the next semester, the reason being I should try new things and it looks good on a college application. So, the next semester I joined The Talon and was a part of a very unique group of people, in which everyone had good things to contribute to the group. Through that semester, I met a student named Grant McPherson, who took me under his wing as a sports staff writer and showed me how to write stories for The Talon.

Finally, into my senior year, I continued to write stories for The Talon; then I got one of my stories that I worked on with Jacob Groen about the captain’s club, published in The Talon newspaper. This was my first story that got published into The Talon, and I was so proud of myself and my friend Jacob for helping me get there.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone on The Talon staff and Mrs. Satterthwaite for helping me learn new things about writing and journalism. Before I end this, I would like to thank anyone who has helped me along the way to get me to this point. I now look forward to the next chapter of my life, which is college.