Senior Column: “The best four years”


Sabrina Abed, Staff Writer

Whoever said that high school is the best four years of your life was really off. Not that high school was horrible for me, but it definitely had its ups and downs. There are memories from high school that I will never forget, and other memories that I hope I forget. Even though I would say there were probably more downs than ups, I’m glad I got to experience it.

With graduation upon me and all the other seniors, it has made me reflect on the past four years of my life. The moments I spent zoning out in class and wondering when class was going to end were the parts of high school that went by really slowly. But overall, it has gone by really quickly. I can’t believe I’m going to be 18 soon and going off to college. It felt like just yesterday I was scared about starting the 6th grade, and now, all of a sudden, I’m graduating high school. It’s crazy how fast time flies.

If you are an underclassman reading this, here is some helpful advice that will hopefully help you get through high school a little more smoothly. My main piece of advice is to have fun. I know that sounds hard to do because high school probably hasn’t been fun for you most of the time, but you have to try to find the fun in it and make the most out of it. I know a lot of people are shy and nervous to talk to people when you start high school, but try your hardest to be social and step out of your comfort zone. Making new friends is the best part of high school, especially since not everyone you were best friends with in middle school will still be your best friend in high school, even the people you never thought you would drift apart from.

It is never too late to change your attitude and view of high school. I was the most outgoing and happy I have ever been the past four years during senior year. The reason why is because I tried to be positive and make my last year the best, and it definitely was.

Go to the football games, homecoming, prom and all the other fun events. Trust me, you will regret it one day if you don’t. I waited until junior year to go to homecoming, and I waited until senior year to go to the football games. I regret not going all four years, because senior year homecoming week was the most memorable part of high school for me. The feeling of being a part of something like that is indescribable.

Overall, high school is a bittersweet experience. But it is up to you to either be negative about it, or be positive about it. If you choose the positive route and focus on the good parts of it, the experience won’t be so bad. In fact, you might make some of the most amazing and unforgettable memories of your life.