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    Sue ReedFeb 9, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    From January 1966 through 1967 I worked for the Red Cross at Wilford Hall Hospital n San Antonio then to Ft. Leonardwood Missouri…We were required o have at least a bachelors degree,and some of the women had masters degrees in Social Work. I never, never heard the term Do nut Dolly applied t myself or to the other young women who did take treats such as birthday cakes to the wards..My ward consisted of young men who were terminal In Missouri my job description was caseworker and thats exactly what i did …….Since that period of my life i have acquired 2 masters degrees and have a social work license…Later on i formed the Dallas Police Social Services deparment…. For some reason, i am quite insulted by the author saying she was a volunteer The women who worked with me would not have joined the Red Cross with this job description the author presented…..I would like to discuss this wih the author if you could pass it on Sue Reed LCSW

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