Mrs. Malsbury’s fitness training yields amazing results

Mrs. Malsburys fitness training yields amazing results

Mrudula Sriram

In the past year, business and marketing teacher Mrs. Karen Malsbury went through an intense weight loss program at V.I.P Fitness, where she dropped an impressive 22 pounds in just 30 days. Mrs. Malsbury described her average day in training as strict and time consuming.

“To complete the fitness challenge, I was required to attend a strict boot camp 5 times a week and in addition, exercise on my own daily for 30 minutes,” Mrs. Malsbury said. “ I also had to eat clean with no processed food, follow the diet plan, and weigh in weekly to lose the desired 20 pounds in 4 weeks.”

Mrs. Malsbury explained that an injury made her unable to exercise for a while.

“I had gained some pounds from an injury I sustained last year,” Mrs. Malsbury said. “I was receiving therapy on my plantar fasciitis for nine months and therefore was unable to work out.”

According to Mrs. Malsbury, the change in diet was the most taxing part of the program.

“Being disciplined enough to prepare all meals on a Sunday for the week was definitely the most challenging aspect of getting in shape,” Mrs. Malsbury said. “ There’s a lot of prep that goes into preparing healthy meals that primarily consist of fish, chicken and vegetables.”

Nevertheless, Mrs. Malsbury feels that all her hard work and effort proved worthwhile.

“I am very pleased with the results,” Mrs. Malsbury said. “The program has inspired me to do another challenge, which is to tone up further and get a beach body ready.”

Mrs. Malsbury explained that weight loss depends primarily on diet.

“The big thing is that if you want to lose a few pounds, it’s 80% about what you put into your body and 20% exercise,” Mrs. Malsbury said. “Cut down on the amount of sodium and processed food and try not to eat out as much.”