Snackday Friday unites statistics classes


Jonathon Markwort

At the end of a long week, students in A.P. Statistics struggle to stay motivated. To combat this, statistics teacher Ms. Stefanie Shooks came up with Snackday Friday. Having a snack at the end of the week gives the advanced students a small reward each Friday.

“I only do it with my statistics classes,” Ms. Shooks said. “I think that our curriculum is more flexible to allow projects and rewarding activities.”

Deciding who brings the snack each week is how the class relates the snacks to the class content.

“We’re applying statistics and randomly choosing who brings snacks,” Ms. Shooks said. “Everybody has an equally likely chance of being picked since we use a random number generator.”

Snackday Friday helps provide an afternoon snack while also helping to learn.

“In the afternoons, I get a little hungry,” Ms. Shooks said. “Those who eat together, learn together.”

One of the biggest positive aspects of Snackday Friday is the togetherness that it promotes.

“I’m a big fan of a sense of community in the classroom,” Ms. Shooks said. “The class looks forward to Snackday Friday every week. It’s like a family meal together.”