Overcrowding in classrooms affects learning


Melanie Wong

Classrooms with too many students has become an issue at RHS recently and has proven to be cumbersome to both students and teachers alike.

“[Overcrowding] impacts every student because there is less opportunity to speak/participate for every individual,” Spanish teacher Ms. Beth East said. “Also, the teacher has less opportunity for personal interaction with each student.”

An overabundance of students in classes is not uncommon in schools nowadays and is more prevalent across the district.

“I’ve just noticed it this year, as have many colleagues,” Ms. East said. “It looks like it’s happening in other districts as well. I would hope it’s not political—setting public schools up for failure. That would be a shame, because in the end, it hurts the students.”

Rectifying this problem may be difficult, but there are viable solutions to ease the overcrowding.

“Staff according to number of students,” Ms. East said. “In Rochester, we should remember why our district has been successful for countless years. Overcrowding classes will affect the success over time.”

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