D Zone ranks SOF 4th most spirited student section in the state

D Zone ranks SOF 4th most spirited student section in the state

Luke Deel

Senior Beau Mierzwa’s curly brown hair bounces as he turns around to pump up the crowd to join in the cheer, “Two bits four bits six bits a dollar, all for Rochester stand up and holler!” As one of eight of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the SOF leaders, Mierzwa takes his role seriously.

“The SOF is the rowdiest, craziest and best student section in the greater Rochester area,” Mierzwa said. “We come out to the games and get loud.”

Senior and co-SOF leader Kush Patel agrees about the level of enthusiasm.

“This year more people are getting involved, which is increasing the energy at games,” Patel said. “The SOF has already proven itself; we are ranked the 4th best student section in Michigan.”

The tradition of SOF’s notoriety as one of the more spirited student sections has been prevalent for many years, according to 2004-06 SOF leader and current Stoney Creek High School social studies teacher Steven Book.

“It was by far the biggest and loudest high school student cheering section in the area,” Mr. Book said. “In those days Stoney was just opening and they were creative with their chants, but did not bring as many students to the games and Adams was definitely the weakest of the three Rochester Schools. There were a number of basketball games during the 2005-2006 season that were won because of the pressure that the Soldiers of Fortune was putting on the opposing teams.”

Mr. Book explains how he feels about the SOF today, being a teacher at Stoney.

“The SOF has become the checkpoint for Stoney Creek’s students,” Mr. Book said. “I continuously call out some of Stoney’s biggest leaders and push them to want to be as big and as loud as the SOF is at Rochester.”

The SOF provides an avenue for those who don’t play in the games to feel connected to the school.

“Being a part of the SOF did not require you to have any certain social status within the building,” Mr. Book said. “Most groups, clubs and organizations are specifically geared towards individuals with particular skills grades and talents. The SOF is a place for all students. It was the only time inside of school where you could scream at the top of your lungs and the administration would high five you for it.”

Mierzwa agrees.

“You will meet tons of people from cheering on the sports teams,” Mierzwa said. “You will get a great feel of the community.”

SOF leaders announce the theme of the game, such as tropical or camo, and students come to the game dressed accordingly.

“The league gets together and thinks of a theme everyone will participate in,” Patel said. “We like to keep the classic themes in as well.”

Patel encourages those who haven’t previously been involved in the student section to give it a try.

“People should join because it is their duty to have school spirit,”Patel said. “We try to get kids involved using social media and interacting with them. At the games we tell kids to get involved.”

Mierzwa hopes to maintain the level of involvement and enthusiasm throughout the 2014-15 school year.

“The SOF is bigger and better than ever,” Mierzwa said. “We are there to cheer on our sports teams and win the battle of student sections.”