BRIEF: Student discusses the talent of the rapper Logic


Logic performs at a concert in front of a passionate crowd. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Maya Subramanian, Staff Writer

Logic is a rap artist who is growing in popularity. His raw lyrics, his charisma and his past have attracted a loyal fanbase. Sophomore Brendan O’Connor, a big fan of Logic, discusses the rapper’s successes and potential.

“The best part of Logic’s fan base is how dedicated they are to his music,” O’Connor said. “Everyone I know that listens to him really feels like they know him as a person. The environment of the [The Incredible World Tour] concert was my favorite part of the tour. From the opening act to the last song, everyone there was excited and in a good mood.”

Logic has another tour scheduled for this summer, and in addition to The Endless Summer Tour, he continues to produce new music.

“I’m hoping that he will release an album sometime later this year, seeing that he recently dropped a single called Flexicution, which was fire,” O’Connor said. “It’s a different kind of song from what he usually releases. If his next album is like this song, it will be one of my favorites.”

Anticipating a bright future for Logic, O’Connor speaks of his favorite qualities of the artist.

“What I like about Logic’s music is the fact that it has meaning to it, and it comes from a place of honesty,” O’Connor said. “He raps about his childhood experiences growing up in a bad place, and it’s really inspiring to hear.”