Movie-maker and RHS grad returns to speak to advanced video production classes


Chris Guyor

Jerry White is telling the seniors in the Advanced Video Production class of his experiences.

When Jerry White was a student at Rochester High School in the 1990’s, he wanted nothing more than to film videos with friends. After having his videos shown on TV, he decided he wanted to produce movies for a living. This year he filmed a documentary about his experiences and returned to his beginnings by speaking to the Advanced Video Production classes on Thursday,  Sept. 17.

Although White is now living in LA, he is passionate about influencing the production industry in Rochester. Coming back to Rochester has brought back memories of the fun he has had.

“It’s really interesting, I don’t feel like I’m reliving them more like continuing to have these new experiences but in familiar places,” White said. “So coming from Rochester where I spend four years  and in some of the ways those four years feel very, very surreal.”

In addition, White focused on the movies connection with the daily struggle of a student. He pushed the idea of connection and coming together for not only movies but in life.

Senior Kaelen Donovan got the chance to see two of White’s presentations.

“Jerry White is an eccentric man with a flavorful personality,” Donovan said.

Whit’s show, “30 Minutes of Madness,” helped him in his producing career. While not only being a actor in the show, he was also the producer.

“For me having my own show, was an empowering thing, but it was the idea of rather than having someone else hand me something or I have to audition and have some else give me something,” White said. “Making our own shows allowed us to have our own creative control and do what we want.”

White had many inspirational people in his life. He looks back and appreciates all they have done for him, but also pushes himself harder for them.

“The people who inspired me the most were the people I knew personally,” White said. “I will say even in university and undergrad getting that one teacher that who believes in you and supports you really can change your whole life.”

White’s goal was to influence the students of Rochester to not only pursue a dream in production but just pursue their dreams, in general.

“Jerry has shown me I might have a career in production in the future,” Donovan said.

As White continues with his career, he wishes all students to continue to follow their dreams and no matter how tough it is don’t give up.

On Sept. 19 White had a movie screening at the Rochester Ballroom. The movie expressed the idea of friendship and coming back together after experiencing pain and sorrow.

Senior Erin Eyler saw the movie.

“It’s a great documentary and it shows the face of the kids of Rochester that are unique and don’t usually get a lot of light to shine,” Eyler said.