Rixton’s “Let the Road” Gives off a Unique Image


Mrudula Sriram

This past March, British pop and R&B sensation Rixton, came out with their very first album Let The Road. Consisting of 12 tracks, the title track opens up the album with applaudable vocals right from the start. The band harmonizes and blends together impressively on this track, instantly giving off an edgy,rocky vibe that defines Rixton’s style well throughout the rest of the album.

“Me and My Broken Heart” is one of the most evocative tracks from the album. Basically a song about a lethal relationship with a calling to find a true and meaningful love, “Me and My Broken Heart” entices anyone casually flipping through radio channels with its sharp piano opening, following lead singer Jake Roche’s magnificent vocals. Its carefree blend of instruments make the track a chill and casual listen for anyone new to the Rixton fandom.

Despite its overall breezy style, Let the Road incorporates a fusion of R&B and reggae styles in its second single,“ Wait on Me,” that instantly worked its way to being the second international single. With its primary appeal to teenagers, the track includes the similar sounds of other icons in popular culture, like Maroon 5 and The Wanted,

Completely contradictory to the boy band’s usually edgy and upbeat rhythm, the third track,”Appreciated” is more gradual paced with the soft strumming of a guitar, opening up the track with tranquil melodies and meaningful lyrics. Although the song never made it on the radio, “Appreciated” is definitely a female fan favorite due to its deep message and hints of Ed Sheeran’s influence.

Along with melodies and rocky tones, “Hotel Ceiling” is undoubtedly the most mysterious song on Let the Road, with a dark and chilling vibe that makes the hairs on the back of one’s neck stand up from the beginning of the track to the end .“Hotel Ceiling” tells the tale of the hardship of coping with loss and trying to face the reality that a loved one has passed on,but somehow there will always be the haunting feeling of that person’s presence, as though they never left.

Overall, Let The Road is a successful first album for Rixton who, since their beginnings, never failed to make a clear-cut statement about their styles and genre. The album includes tracks that are of great appeal to both sexes, with a variety of different tones to satisfy everyone’s ideal tastes in music.

Mrudula’s Rating: 3.5/5