BRIEF: College presentations come to RHS


College representatives visit RHS to inform students on the admissions process and what their university has to offer. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Alex Glaspie , Staff Writer

Throughout the month of October at Rochester High School, representatives from colleges around the state are visiting the high school to talk to students about their campuses.

On Friday, Oct. 5, The University of Michigan sent representatives to the high school during second hour. Students gathered into the auditorium and listened for an hour about the schools campus, the requirements to get in and what it’s like to go to U of M.

“I enjoyed the presentation,” said junior Pegi Laci. “It gave me an idea of what was offered at U of M and more information on enrollment.”

During the rest of the month, many more colleges will be arriving at the school to talk to students, including Wayne State University, Grand Valley State University and Oakland University. This process keeps students informed about opportunities to apply to these schools and shows them how going to each university can benefit them.

“I’m looking forward to them [other presentations],” said Laci. “Looking at other colleges gives me ideas on what they offer and which one will work better for me.”