Midterm stress relief expo helps students relax before exams

RHS helps students prepare for midterms


Students cope with stress from school

Senior Stephanie Wong comes home after a long day of school filled with tests, homework, and stress. Wong soon realizes that with midterms coming up shortly, the stress is building up quickly.

Caught up in the cycle of school, homework, projects and extracurricular activities, many students often forget to take a step back and relieve their stress. In order to help students cope with their stress and midterms, the PTSA Health and Wellness Committee worked together with the administration. On Jan. 12, the Health and Wellness Committee sponsored the third Midterm Stress Relief Expo, to help students manage stress.

“[The Midterm Stress Relief Expo] was our third event so far,” Health and Wellness Committee co-chair Dennette Fend said. “And each year it just keeps getting better and better as we get more ideas.”

 Some of the stations that were at the expo include Take a Paws, zumba, massage, coloring, mindfulness/aromatherapy and the Positive Inspiration Station.

“All of the stations were very well attended,” said Health and Wellness Committee student co-chair, senior Zahra Ahmed. “The students enjoyed all of the events. So overall, there was great student interest and enthusiasm.”

In addition to the stations, there was also a raffle station where students could enter to win a prize on Jan. 16.

“During the past couple weeks before the Expo, we had student volunteers from German NHS, Interact Club, Key Club and NHS help make stress balls to be raffled off,” said Ahmed. “There were also raffle baskets that were donated that contained coloring books, fidget gadgets, mindfulness activities and more.”

Some of the most popular stations were Take a Paws, zumba and the Positive Inspiration Station.

“I think the Positive Inspiration Station was important to have, mostly because being positive and showing gratitude can be really good for you,” said Wong. “[It also] helps improve your mood.”

The idea of having the Midterm Stress Relief Expo initially started from the feedback of students.

“The Health and Wellness Committee wanted to do something for the kids, so they invited students to join the committee,” said Ahmed. “From the feedback from the students, everyone on the committee agreed that an Expo would be very helpful.”

The Health and Wellness Committee started sponsoring Expos last year, after they figured out that it was what the students really needed the most.

“Last year, during midterms we held our first expo. It went very well, and was a great learning experience, on all sides, for the future,” said Ahmed. “Since then, we host expos at the end of every semester as well as mini Expos between them.”

The Health and Wellness Committee is always looking forward to hearing comments and concerns from students, and they welcome any feedback and advice to help them improve in the future anytime.

“I’m always interested in hearing student feedback,” said Mrs. Fend. “If anyone has any ideas regarding health and wellness or stress relief, I would love to know.”

Another initiative the administration took to prepare students for their midterms was the Cocoa and Cram, which was held on Tuesday, Jan. 23 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Media Center.

“The Cocoa and Cram gave students the opportunity to talk to teachers outside the classroom,” observed principal Neil Deluca.“They got to ask them specific questions and go over review guides.”

The Cocoa and Cram was also attended by education students from Oakland University for the first time, to help the students prepare.

“We collaborated with Oakland University’s aspiring teachers,” said Mr. Deluca. “We really want to help the students at RHS succeed.”

Not only was the Cocoa and Cram helpful for reviewing material with teachers, but there were also some stress relief activities for students to de-stress as well.

“We brought in someone to do guided meditation with the students,” said Mrs. Fend. “It helped a lot of students relax and take a break while studying.”

They also included some mindfulness activities as well.

“We held an intermission session during Cocoa and Cram with lavender putty and mindfulness,” said Ahmed. “[We did this] as an opportunity for students to develop healthy study habits.”

The Midterm Stress Relief Expo and the Cocoa and Cram were opportunities for students to prepare for exams.

“It really helps to know that the administration cares about us,” said Wong. “They truly want us to make sure we do great on our exams.”