RHS boil water advisory


Makenzie Shubnell, Editor-in-chief

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, it was announced that RHS was to be under a boil water advisory, meaning students and staff would be unable to consume water coming directly from sources at the school until further notice. The advisory was in place through Friday, Oct. 27. 

“My role has basically been to make sure that there’s water available to kids, make sure that drinking fountains are covered, make sure that no one is consuming water at any point,” stand-in assistant principal and history teacher Ms. Sarah Monroe said. “The Downtown District of Rochester, they tell us what we can do and then we implement that plan.”

While the advisory was in place, students were provided bottled water between classes to make up for the water unavailability.

“I think it’s been great, I mean we haven’t had any issues,” Ms. Monroe said. “I think they’ve been dealing with it really really well, I mean looks like we’ve been recycling it too, which is always nice, and we have enough water for all the kids, so at the end of the day, that’s the good part about it.”

While Ms. Monroe was hopeful that the issue would be resolved quickly, she was confident that the school would be able to manage it.

 “It’s just another one of those things you have to deal with and another thing that we’d rather just not have to deal with, but we’ll wait until it’s all clear,” Ms. Monroe said.