Long-awaited “Wonder Woman” surpasses expectations


Kathryn Chatman, Staff Writer

Last week’s release of the highly anticipated film “Wonder Woman” finally fulfilled the long-held childhood dreams of many comic buffs. The DC Universe film, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, follows an Amazon warrior and an American pilot as they attempt to save the world from the grotesque plans of Dr. Poison. The movie explains the originals behind a prominent and adored comic book heroine.

Set in 1918, during World War I, the movie follows Diana Prince (Gadot), an Amazon princess from the secluded island of Themyscira, as she attempts to defeat god of war Ares and stop the war. Growing up, Diana watched, and subsequently trained with, the Amazon warriors, who were created by Zeus to maintain the havoc Ares, god of war, unleashed.  However, after American pilot and spy Steve Trevor (Pine) crashes on the hidden island and informs the Amazons of the conflict raging across the world, Diana is convinced that Ares is behind the war and decides to leave the safety of the island in an attempt to save millions of innocent lives. Together, Diana and Steve, along with the help of several friends, try to stop the nefarious Dr. Poison from releasing a dangerous gas that will kill thousands of people. The film not only showcases the originals of Wonder Woman, but her introduction to the reality of human nature.

One of the major highlights of the film is Gadot’s exceptional acting. Audiences were once again delighted to see Gadot perform as the revered character, and her acting did not disappoint. She accurately represented the definition of a strong woman, who still contains some emotional appeal; near the end of the film, there is an especially intense crying scene which Gadot performs astoundingly realistic in. Pine’s performance was also above average, as he accurately depicted the frustrations bound to be found in a person travelling with a companion completely ignorant to the workings of the world. Their chemistry was very pronounced, and added a sensible romantic element to the fantasy film. Aside from the acting, the storyline itself was enticing. The plot wasn’t concentrated on Wonder Woman’s physical appeal, as one could expect from such a romanticized role. Instead, it focused on her character, and showed her powerful yet sympathetic disposition; she is not only an intense fighter, but also retains a fair amount of compassion, displayed for instance by a scene where she coos at a baby.  

There weren’t many drawbacks to the film. Main criticisms been about the of the lack of sexual appeal in the film, however, it is refreshing to have a female lead who is not objectified, and whose value goes far beyond being attractive. Additionally, critics say that Wonder Woman was not patriotic enough, because her outfit lacked the white stars her character usually adorns; however, her garments were solid blue and red, which are highly symbolic of the American flag. Additionally, the character was born and raised in Themyscira and had not yet even stepped foot on American soil, so it would be illogical for her to be extremely patriotic. Showing her fighting alongside American allies also displays loyalty to the United States.

Overall, the long awaited film “Wonder Woman” was an exceptional film that definitely lived up to the hype.

Rating: 5/5