10 Things Students Love and Hate about Netflix


Maggie Roehling, Photo Editor


  1. “One thing I love about it is that it’s always there for me,” Jovan Ivezaj said. Netflix truly is always there for you. Whether you’re upset about a recent break up, or just need some alone time with your favorite show, Netflix will take you out of reality for a little while. Many students use Netflix as an escape from everyday homework that they just might need a break from. No matter what, Netflix will always be a friend, only a couple clicks away.
  2. “I love that Netflix has a huge diversity of shows,” freshman Emily Jinerson said. It’s true; Netflix has over eight thousand shows and movies you can watch! If you’re feeling comedy, there’s plenty of shows for you to laugh all night about. If you want drama or horror, there’s enough shows for you to cuddle under the arm of your loved one for hours on end. No matter what mood the user is in, Netflix is sure to have a show or movie to satisfy their needs!
  3. “I love the autoplay on Netflix,” senior Spencer Handley said. While not everyone prefers the autoplay application in between episodes on Netflix, some users find it relaxing to know that the next episode of the preferred show will play. If you know that you’re in the middle of a Netflix-binge session and you don’t want to be interrupted (or move from your position to click the next episode), you can be sure that Netflix has got your back. Only 10 seconds after one episode ends, the next episode will play automatically, so that the user is worry-free.
  4. “I love the fact that you can get Netflix with internet access,” junior Gabbi Guerra said. “I don’t have cable in my room, so it’s nice that I can actually watch TV in my room without having to pay for cable.” Many Netflix users have ditched the standard cable TV, and chosen to pay only for Netflix, which users can conveniently watch as long as they have internet access. You can bring Netflix anywhere you want, as long as you have WiFi or 3G.
  5. “I love Netflix because I love watching TV shows without commercials,” senior Karl Chidiac said. The most annoying part about watching any cable TV show is the commercials. With Netflix, the rude, interruptive breaks are no longer a problem. Because users pay $8.99 a month, the need for commercials is now extinct.
  6. “I love that I’m able to watch the whole season of a show without having to wait for it to come out each week!” junior Kiera May said. One of the main reasons teenagers obsess over Netflix is the fact that they don’t have to wait  a week to catch their favorite TV show. Along with having to wait a week, vivid TV watchers have to find a way to tune into the preferred show of their choice every week. With teens’ unexpected schedules, there’s a good chance users won’t be able to watch every episode they want to. Luckily, Netflix stacks the online shelves with episode after episode of all of your favorite shows, so instead of waiting a week to see if the girls find out who A is, you can cozy up on the couch and watch Pretty Little Liars anytime it’s convenient.
  7. “I love being able to share your account with friends without having to pay more,” sophomore Lincoln Balmer said. One of the many benefits of Netflix is that you can log on everywhere. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be YOU logging on. Free of charge, you can make your friend a user on your account, and, as long as they have your email and password, they have the ability to log on to your account and watch their favorite shows wherever they are.
  8. “I love that Netflix is so portable,” senior Jordan Sandler said. “Like, I can’t drag my TV around, but I can watch Netflix on my phone or tablet or really anything.” Although dragging your TV around isn’t exactly pliable, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get home to watch Netflix. With the app and website, users can get Netflix anywhere they have WiFi or 3G. So, if you’re in the mood for some Grey’s Anatomy, and you have a little extra time at school, you can pull out your phone and tune in to McDreamy performing emergency surgery.
  9. “I love that Netflix has led to Netflix and chill,” junior Kaylee Uh said. “The point of Netflix is not to have a large variety of good movies, but to spend time with the person that has accompanied you, rather than the actual TV.” Many people associate the term “Netflix and chill” with bad things, but it really can mean simply spending time with a loved one. Netflix isn’t all about rushing through season after season by yourself in a dark room. Netflix has revolutionized the whole concept of spending time together. Couples nowadays are choosing to sit down together to share a bowl of popcorn and watch a film, and that’s a wonderful thing for movie and TV show lovers everywhere.
  10. “I love how they can have all the episodes of a show on Netflix,” junior Alisia Kirsten Harp said. Even though Netflix might only have episodes up to a certain season, you can guarantee the company has every episode up to that point. Netflix makes it a rule not to skip episodes.


  1. “One thing I hate about Netflix is that I have to pay for it,” freshman Jovan Ivezaj said. When watchers get hooked on a series, Netflix becomes a best friend.The small price that users have to pay for the constant online companion is $8.99 a month. Each user must weigh the pros and cons, and, if you’re on a budget, you might find yourself asking, “Is a month of Netflix worth giving up two Tropical Smoothies?”
  2. “I hate that you can watch 30 episodes at once, because nothing productive gets done,” sophomore Kyra Shaw said. Binge watching Netflix TV shows can be a serious issue. Watching an extensive amount of episodes of your favorite TV show sounds amazing, but it’s not so amazing when it’s 2am and you’re still up watching Orange is the New Black. Starting a new series sounds like an amazing choice; you’re able to get to know the characters, cry and laugh with them, and watch them every night endlessly. But, when the 30th show in your Netflix binge session just ended, and there’s 10 seconds before the next episode, and you look at yourself in your dark laptop screen, you might just question, “could I be doing something more productive right now?”
  3. “I hate the screen limit they have where more than two people can’t watch Netflix on the same account at the same time,” senior Spencer Handley said. On the negative side of things, Netflix has an annoying screen limit rule, where no more than two people can be on your account at once. So, if you share an account with two siblings and a friend, (they all have their own users) and one of your siblings and your friend get to your account before you do, then Netflix doesn’t let you watch any programs until one of them logs off. Some users think this rule is unnecessary.
  4. “I hate how they don’t have the newer shows,” junior Gabbi Guerra said. Netflix doesn’t fall short in many areas, but when it comes to new releases, the service needs to brush up on the TV show options. Although Netflix-watchers will always love The Office and Blue Mountain State, many newer users might prefer newer series like Superstore and Chicago Med. Truth be told, many users find it necessary for Netflix to refurbish its TV show collection if possible.
  5. “I hate that Netflix takes some shows and movies off every once in awhile,” sophomore Anthony Cockell said. Shows and movies that have been collecting dust on the shelves of Netflix are eventually tossed into the garbage bin. Programs some users would consider “hidden gems” or “ancient classics” are thrown effortlessly into the waste basket of unwanted shows and movies. One day, your favorite TV show will be on Netflix, and the next day it’ll be like it was never there. Several things cause these sudden disappearances. Firstly, the program that is eliminated might not have gotten the kind of ratings that Netflix was looking for. On the other hand, there is a chance that the time contract that Netflix had with the makers of the movie is up. No matter what the issue is, Netflix takes off shows and movies to make room for new ones that might just be your new favorite “hidden gem” or “ancient classic.”
  6. “I hate that it takes a long time to get in new season of shows,” junior Kiera May said. With an expanding collection of TV shows, you’d think users would always be able to find something to watch. On the contrary, some people get a certain show stuck in their head. When you truly get to know the characters of a show, you always want to know what’s going to happen next in their lives. The desperate feeling of having completed 5 out of 7 seasons of a show is absolutely repulsive when season 5 ended with a cliffhanger, and Netflix won’t carry season 6 or 7 for another two months or so.
  7. “One thing I hate about Netflix is that when a show is actually good, it only has like one or two stars,” freshman Rachel Starr said. Sometimes people don’t always agree with your position on things, and sometimes Netflix movies and shows are underrated. Users commonly think that low quality programs get high quality grades, and vise versa. The fact of the matter is that high school boys and girls don’t sit down at the Netflix headquarters and rate each movie individually. The rating system is reflective of what you’ve previously rated things. So, for example, if you give Bob’s Burgers four stars, Netflix would rate a similar comedic show, like Family Guy four stars as well, because that is their prediction as to what you might rate the title. Although the rating is meant to be user friendly, it can be confusing and possibly contradicting, as the rating does not always reflect how the user feels.
  8. “The one thing I hate about Netflix is that it gives you so little time to choose between episodes, because I can’t make that quick of a decision,” freshman Emily Jinerson said. When one episode of a show ends, there’s only 10 seconds until the next one starts. That’s 10 quick seconds to choose if you want to watch the next episode, or if you want to watch something different. That’s also 10 seconds to look at yourself in the reflection of your laptop, then look at what time it is, and realize it might be time to shut your computer done and get something productive done.
  9. “I hate that Netflix doesn’t always have new movies and shows,” sophomore Lincoln Balmer said. Alongside all of the positives, the service isn’t always perfect. Although Netflix is constantly updating its selection, it’s hard to say it’s always up to date. Users are always requesting new movies and shows they want to have easy access to. In reality, Netflix isn’t cable TV, and the company doesn’t have full access to every movie and show that is aired. Users seem to find it frustrating when the newest movies and shows (like Straight Outta Compton and Scream Queens) don’t premiere on Netflix the day they premiere on TV.
  10. “I hate how overwhelming the variety of things to watch are and how hard it is to pick what to watch,” junior Alisia Kirsten Harp said. The large selection of shows and movies that are available for your viewing can be somewhat scary at times. If a user is looking for a new TV show to start, how do they know which one to choose? Sure, Netflix has the “rating” feature, but what if there are several shows with five stars? The user has to decided what genre he/she wants, and even after that decision, there are many more to be made. Animated or not? PG , PG13, or R rated? Do you want it to be a recent show/movie? Because of the overwhelmingly large variety of choices on Netflix, users commonly find themselves asking, “what do I watch next?”