Twins share about the pros and cons of twinhood

Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

Having a brother or sister has its pros and cons, but having a twin takes those pros and cons to a whole new level. Sophomore Lauren Wegener sees being a twin as a huge advantage.

I really enjoy having a twin,” Lauren Wegener said. “Especially at this age because I have someone who I can always talk to, who knows everyone that I talk about and who goes through the same thing as I do.”

Reagan Wegener says life is easier now that they have stopped competing over everything.

We used to compete more, especially when we were little,” Reagan Wegener said. “I would be very competitive with Lauren and I would think ‘oh, I have to be better than her’ and now it’s pretty much like we both support each other because we both know that we are at different skill levels and we want each other to achieve their goals.”

Senior Jenny Nguyen says she enjoys having a twin, and explains that she and Johnny have different interests, which makes it easier.

We’re fraternal twins; I’m glad because I don’t look like him,” Jenny Nguyen said. “We have different personalities. He’s stubborn and always thinks he right and I’m the opposite.”

Cody and Kyle Ellis have the added challenge of being identical twins, resulting in people getting them mixed up often.

We are identical and people always mix us up if they don’t know us,” junior Cody Ellis said. “Our personalities are much different; we play different sports like Kyle plays football and I play hockey, and I feel like we were more alike when we were younger than now because we are more different.”


English teacher Mrs. Kelley Cusmano talks about how having an identical twin has shaped her.

Well, we are both in the same profession (education) but our personalities are definitely different,” Mrs. Cusmano said. “I’m the more outgoing, fun loving, goofy one … she’s more responsible, level-headed, mature one. We played the same sports, participated in the same extra-curricular activities, but we had some differences as well … she’s a much better test-taker than I am.”

Freshman Mondale Smiley thinks having a twin is a huge advantage.

“You can do everything twice as fast having a twin,” Mondale Smiley said. “Our personalities are kind of the same because we are both really goofy, but I am way goofier than her. She is kind of the rock and I am like the cloud of cotton candy.”

Mondai Smiley says there is one drawback to having a twin.

“Growing up as a twin was horrible [because] we have to share everything,” Mandai said. “It’s good sometimes though because you always have someone to take your side and fool around with.”