Netflix: everyone should have it


Carly Craig, Circulation Manager

It’s Friday night, and you don’t have any plans. It’s been a long week and all you want to do is relax. You crawl into your bed, snuggle up in your covers and turn on Netflix.

Teens across America are becoming obsessed with Netflix, and how convenient it is to have shows and movies at your disposal. You don’t even have to leave the house to rent a movie. Netflix offers many new releases frequently, and stays updated with what’s new.

Netflix also offers a variety of TV shows and movies for only $7.99 a month. They range from horror, comedy, romance, action, drama and Sci-Fi. They have original series as well, one of the most popular being “Orange Is the New Black,” a show about life in a women’s penitentiary. The original series has helped Netflix reach 50 million subscribers, making it more popular than ever. So far, the show has aired three seasons and is expected to return with season four in summer of 2016. Netflix has also released “House of Cards,” having great success with that series as well. The program, like “Orange Is the New Black,” is expected to return for a fourth season.

Netflix offers movies that are difficult to rent at other places. Since Blockbuster has gone out of business, Netflix is one of the best sources for movies. Unlike Redbox, they still feature older series and movies, making it easy to view content that isn’t easily accessible elsewhere.

Although they offer older movies, they do still feature newer ones as well. Instead of renting them at Redbox, Family Video or On-Demand, many come with your prepaid package. If your package doesn’t offer some of the really new releases, you can rent them for an extra $7.99 a month, which is still cheaper than a trip to the movies.

Some may argue that Netflix is expensive, and it adds up to almost one hundred dollars for a year’s subscription. However, a monthly Netflix membership is the equivalent of one person buying a ticket at the movie theater, and that doesn’t even cover the cost of concessions. Netflix offers many more shows and movies than just one trip to the theater. Therefore, in comparison,  it’s really not that expensive.

Netflix is easy to watch, wherever you might be. It’s accessible from a tablet, smart-phone, TV, iPod and is a great source of entertainment that’s cheap and easy to use. With such a wide variety of programs, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.