Indie Pop artist Halsey brings a futuristic feel with new album, ‘Badlands’


Makenzie Shubnell

From Taylor Swift parodies to number one singles, Ashley Frangipane, better known as “Halsey,” has blown up in the music scene since the beginning of the year. After touring with artists like Imagine Dragons, Young Rising Sons, and even opening shows for The Weeknd, the 20-year-old singer has released her own album and announced a 2015 tour of her own. The futuristic sound of her new album, “Badlands,” released late August, has tens of thousands of fans in awe over the 16 new tracks. The beautiful melodies and powerful song meanings give listeners a taste of the other-worldly, post-apocalyptic Badlands.

One of the more well-known tracks, “Ghost,” is a perfect peek into Halsey’s unique style of music, showing off her incredible vocals and intense story lines. The cinematic feel of her first EP brought in a ton of fans eager to hear more. Songs like “New Americana” resonate with these fans in a way that some artists can’t. This song shows the less talked-about side of growing up, and how social norms affect the youth. Listeners feel empowered knowing that growing up differently really will shape them into the leaders of this new generation.

The perfect midnight road trip song is the fourth track on the album, “Drive.” The creative use of automotive sounds as a backing track is what will really pull a listener into this song, and the creative use of noise makes this dreamy song a hit. “Roman Holiday,” has a very similar feel, while it’s more about running from a destination as opposed to running to it. Although the meaning is dark, the song is light. The airy vocals and upbeat sound make this one of Halsey’s happier-sounding songs. While this isn’t as dark and mysterious as her previous music, it could easily be named one of her best pieces.

The song, “Colors” has been a fan favorite since Halsey began performing it at the beginning of the year. Along with the studio version, the deluxe album also includes an instrumental version of the song, adding to the beauty of it. The closing track, “I Walk the Line” is a perfect ending to a near-perfect album. The feel is similar to the opening track, “Castle,” so it perfectly wraps up “Badlands” in a way that encompasses the entire atmosphere of the album.

Futuristic, hard-hitting and colorful, Halsey really brought something new to the charts with this collection of songs. Overall, the unique style and refreshing sound makes this album appealing to anyone with a great taste in music, or anyone interested in a new genre. Using her powerful mind to write powerful songs, Halsey is sure to rise to the top with her first full-length album, “Badlands.