Senior column: Jessica Leininger


Jessica Leininger Photo by Tommy Massa

Jessica Leininger

I was never going to join The Talon. It was silly, and I had better things to do than interview lame RHS students and sit around in a computer lab till late o’clock. I didn’t think I would spend every lunch in F210 (Spent, not ate. It’s a computer lab so there are rules against that, which I would never dream of breaking) with a hodge podge of dummies that, a year later, I’m proud to call my co-staffers and friends. Over the last four years, things like my experience at Talon have taught me that the best things aren’t always what you make happen, but what happens to you.

I want to thank Colette Cloutier for having a voice that carries extremely well.

I want to thank Tommy Massa for being topless.

I want to thank Edgar Sokoli for being civil toward me.

I want to thank Zane D’Souza for making me feel like I’m funny.

I want to thank Sam Medved for feeding me.

I want to thank David Martin for helping me with alt-copy design because I sucked at it.

I want to thank Jonothon Morkwort for teaching me how to spell his name correctly.

I want to thank Sydney Bammel for coming second semester to give her input.

I want to thank Michael Kainz for giving me a sick Hello Kitty pen during Secret Santa.

I want to thank Allison Skelcy for taking on Angelique/lunch/various projects with me.

I want to thank Danielle Kullmann for teaching me everything I know.

And I want to thank Mrs. Satterthwaite for letting me write things that I thought would be worth reading, even though she knew what the consequences could be.


I was only on The Talon for a year, but it packed an experience that will last me a lifetime. I am grateful that I ended up here, instead of some blowoff class that I just would have taken naps, sat around, talked to friends, messed around on computers, and barely finished any work in! [polldaddy poll=7588835]