Personality profile on math teacher Mrs. Laurie Holbrook


Mrudula Sriram

This year marks math teacher Mrs. Laurie Holbrook’s fifth year at RHS, and she is enjoying the ride.

“I love the fact that everyone on staff is so kind, friendly and easy to collaborate with,” Mrs. Holbrook said. “The amazing school spirit and the upbeat nature of all the students are also things that make me proud to be a teacher here at RHS.”

Mrs. Holbrook grew up right here in Rochester Hills and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in math and science. She attended Reuther for middle school and Adams for high school, and very much enjoyed her time there by running and cheer leading.

Her hobbies include running, editing videos and pictures, playing with all kinds of technology and making jewelry.

“I always notice and compliment students on their jewelry because I love making it,” Mrs. Holbrook said.

Her favorite movie of all time is “Dumb and Dumber” since it never fails to make her laugh each time she watches it. Mrs. Holbrook is also an avid lover of books and lists “ The Time Machine” by H.G Wells as her favorite book.

“I read that as a kid and I thought it was just so mind-blowing and interesting,” Mrs. Holbrook said.

When asked about her greatest pet peeve, she said it was when her kids leave garbage on the floor, when the trash can is literally an inch away.

One major thing she wishes to accomplish on her bucket list is to travel more often and visit places outside the United States.

“I like warmer, tropical climates like the ones of the Bahamas and Jamaica,” Mrs. Holbrook said.

Mrs. Holbrook also tries to keep up with the current generation as much as she can through music.

“I really just listen to a mix of everything from 80’s music to current pop; I even like to listen to rap when my kids play it on  radio,” Mrs. Holbrook said. “However, I’m not too big on country, though.”

Mrs. Holbrook resembles the sweet and optimistic person she is: just a little over 5-feet tall, she’s full of lots of spirit and pep she’s carried ever since her cheerleader days, even while teaching math. Her blond and curly medium length locks only further enhance her kind and generous attitude towards others, as described by fellow math teacher Mrs. Lori Smillie.

“Mrs. Holbrook puts a lot of love and passion into her profession, and it shows,” Mrs. Smillie said.

Mrs. Holbrook likes the order of math and presenting students with an organized approach to problem-solving.

“I’ve just always had a love for math and I like finding the solution when there’s a specific order to things,” Mrs. Holbrook said.

Having been a student of  Mrs. Holbrook’s for two years, junior Makayla Tanski shows her appreciation towards her teacher’s positive attitude in class.

“Every other math teacher I’ve had just stands in front of the class and talks in a really  boring, monotone voice that makes it seem like they don’t even care about the class themselves,” Tanski said. “Mrs. Holbrook  puts a lot of life and passion even when explaining notes, so it feels like she actually cares and isn’t teaching just because she has to.”