Sophomores visit Oakland University on Oct. 6


Amanda Capaldi

Counselor Mr. Christopher Green organized a field trip for 50 sophomores to get a glimpse of college life at Oakland University on Monday, Oct. 6.

“I believe that students benefit from the experience of a college visit as it reinforces what has been shared with them verbally from parents, teachers and counselors,” Mr. Green said. “The emotional experience can also foster greater motivation and intrinsic goal-setting.”

Sophomore Carly Craig is looking forward to the day she goes to college.

“I believe it holds very extraordinary experiences that are once in a lifetime,” Craig said.

Sophomore Zippy Tiller is also anxious to begin college.

“Having so much independence is going to be scary, but very exciting,” Tiller said. “I’m excited to figure out what I want to do in college.”

Mr. Green would like the kids to be reminded of what they have to look forward to, and be motivated by the experience of visiting a college.

“I would like students to leave feeling a greater sense of motivation and meaning for what they may be working for each day in the classroom at RHS,” Mr. Green said. “I also want students to begin thinking long-term about the process of applying and selecting a college.”

Sophomore Haley Rogers liked the freedom of getting to choose where to go for lunch.

“The food there was really good,” Rogers said. “I love how there were so many options of what to eat in such a small area.”

Mr. Green believes that it would be beneficial if students visited multiple college campus during high school to get a sense for what the schools would be like to attend.

“I would like to be able to expose as many students to the experience of a college setting,” Mr. Green said. “If the budget was ever available, I believe taking students to more than one university would give them the ability to compare schools.”

Tiller wants to know more about college.

“If I could change anything [about the trip], I would make it longer because I would like to know more,” Tiller said.

Mr. Green thinks highly of Oakland University, overall.

“They have excellent academic programs, a good social setting, and attractive scholarship opportunities,” Mr. Green said.