RANH implements the junior ambassador program


Ambika Vohra

This year, the position for Junior Ambassador for the Rochester Area Neighborhood House (RANH) is once again open. The responsibilities of the position include volunteer coordination and activity management. The position also provides eligibility for specific college scholarships.

Ms. Linda Riggs, head of the Rochester Neighborhood House, decided to implement the new program last year.

“Any student in high school can apply,” Ms. Riggs said. “We decided we need more youth involved in our community.”

Ms. Riggs has headed sub-organizations of RANH for years. She is in charge of programs such as the Clothes Closet, THAW, and the Food Pantry. These are all volunteer-run organizations developed to help the community.

“It’s hard to believe our neighbors need help,” Ms. Riggs said. “Rochester seems like a wealthy community. However, people need our help.”

Students can apply to this program by contacting current Junior Ambassador Grace Nasr or downloading applications available in the counseling office. They must be turned in by May 7, 2014 at the RANH.