Writer’s block remedies provide relief


Olivia Bennett

The most intimidating thing for a writer is a blank page and the way it looks at you with a blank stare saying, “Whatcha gonna lay on me this time?” This immense amount of potential at your fingertips is something that can drive someone mad.

The most intimidating thing to a “non-writer,” however, is a blank mind — the constant searching in every corner to make sure what you put down is interesting, the forceful urge to come up with an idea that will stun readers.

Everyone experiences roadblocks in writing. Some also believe, however, that each individual can overcome these bumps in the road through the same method, and that is untrue. There is a difference in every individual and therefore a different way to solve the problem.


THE LAZY: You find yourself always apt to distractions, even spending another seven hours at school could convince you not to finish this paper.

The solution: First of all, stop telling yourself that you do not know what to put down on the paper, because that is simply an excuse to get out of doing work that you don’t want to do. Next, do some research. Type in anything related to your topic online, even if it’s simply one word. Knowledge is always power.


THE CONFLICTED: You find yourself constantly using the backspace button. You type out something, but there is a voice in the creases of your mind that tells you to delete it and write something better.

The solution: Generally this is caused by another conflict that is happening in your life. Go for a run or walk, take a long shower, vent to your friend … anything that will release you of the stress that is happening.

THE BLANK: You find yourself having a staring contest with Microsoft Word. You’ve sat there so long you’ve began to count the amount of times the text symbol blinks on the page.

The solution: Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that you know about the topic. Make comments on the information and tie in your own personal connections and experiences. This will cause your mind to start releasing it’s brain power.


The most powerful thing that our bodies hold is our mind. We have the power to create instances out of the thinnest of air. Motivation comes from within and once you have that you can accomplish anything.