Keeping up with the New Year

How students and faculty are handling New Year’s resolutions


Senior Nicollette Jaye chooses grapes, a healthy fruit, over Reese’s, an unhealthy candy, to maintain her New Year’s resolution. Photo by Alex Glaspie.

Alex Glaspie and Aryn Gallacher

As the season of giving comes to an end, many people begin looking for new ways to help better themselves, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Senior Nicolette Jay describes how she plans to workout every day after school and eat healthier foods as she begins the New Year.

These changes are most commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. Although there are several goals someone can set, many people, such as Jaye, decide on a few well-known ones.

“My New Year’s resolution is the same as many other people,” Jaye said. “[It is] to be healthy and lose weight.”

Despite the similarities people may share between their New Year’s Resolutions, their reasons behind what they hope to achieve could be completely different. Junior Emily Conley talks about the reason behind her New Year’s goal.

“I want to be more positive,” Conley said. “It will not only put me in a better mood, but it will also put the people around me in a better mood and [help them] have a good day.”

Some people find it difficult to maintain their resolution throughout the whole year. However, Jaye believes this year will be different for her, despite her past struggles.

“I haven’t been keeping up with my resolution with working out, but I’m starting up my gym membership again,” Jaye said. “With eating healthy, I’ve never been a big junk food person, but I’ve been eating smaller portions of food because I don’t always need to be stuffed.”

While Jaye is determined to reach her goal, some people find aspects of their resolutions to be quite challenging.

“It has been hard [for me],” Conley said. “[I try to] not complain about basically everything,”

Although some people may be optimistic about their resolutions at the beginning of the year, many end up dropping their goals because of lack of inspiration. However, Jaye believes this will be the year where her motivation helps her achieve her objective throughout the year.

“I believe I will maintain my resolution throughout the whole year because I’m tired of being unhappy with myself when I can change what I do every day with the materials available to me,” Jaye said. “There’s plenty of gyms to workout at and plenty of healthy foods to eat.”

Even though New Year’s resolutions are popular through social media and the emphasis of “New Year, New Me”, setting these goals were not talked about in the past as often as they are now.

“I don’t know if they were popular because I don’t remember people talking about them,” RHS counselor, Mr. Chris Green said. “It’s not to say that people didn’t do it, I just don’t know if people talked about it. I guess that makes them not popular, but not that people weren’t doing them, it just wasn’t shared.”