The Big Christmas Debate

Rochester High School’s students’ take on Christmas traditions


Kate Breitschuh, Staff Writer

Rochester High School students were polled on their favorite traditions during the holidays.

Which is better: peppermint candy canes or fruity candy canes?

Fruit flavored candy canes and peppermint flavored candy canes are both very popular around the holidays and are consumed at large by younger kids. “[I prefer] fruity candy canes because I like fruity candy more,” senior Ryan Allor said. All different kinds of candy canes can be used as decorations, for example, on Christmas trees, or they can be enjoyed as a snack. “Peppermint candy canes are better because they are the original,” sophomore Tara Flaherty said. Out of 28 votes, Rochester High School students voted 16 to 12, with peppermint candy canes being their favorite.

Do you prefer white lights or colorful lights?

White lights and colored lights have been debated for years over which one looks better, and it seems as if everyone has a preference. “[Colored lights] are more pleasing to the eye,” senior Scott Russell said. “All white lights would be basic and boring. Colored [lights] bring out some pop.” However, colored lights may be too crazy for some. “[I like] white lights better; they are simpler and look better,” freshman Leah Stone said. 27 Rochester High School students voted which lights they preferred and, with a close win, 14 people voted for white lights, while 13 voted that they like colored lights.

Which is the better Christmas movie: “Elf” or “A Christmas Story”?

A variety of movies are played throughout the holiday season and they are watched by many people. For example, “Elf”, released in 2003, and “A Christmas Story”, released in 1983, are two movies that have been around for years and are watched frequently during the holidays. “I like “Elf” better because it’s funny and I like the story more,” junior Sidney Swart said. “I watch it every year with my family.” On the flip side, “Elf” may not be liked by others. “I like [“A Christmas Story” more] because Ralphie really relates to my dad,” sophomore John Flater said. With 26 votes total, Rochester High School students voted 20 votes to 6, clearly liking “Elf” more.

Do you prefer real Christmas trees or fake Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are put up and decorated during the holiday season by a large number  of people. But, many participants have their own preference on what kind of tree they like to put up. Whether it be a certain color, size, or type, every tree is different. “I like fake Christmas trees more because they are easy to put up and they don’t make a mess,” freshman Carter McMullen said. Although clean up would be way easier with a fake tree because there wouldn’t be any pine needles to pick up, real trees are the original. “I prefer real trees because they smell better,” sophomore Elliott Olivero said. With another close call, Rochester High School students voted that they liked real Christmas trees more, with 14 votes, leaving fake Christmas trees with 13 votes.

Should Christmas music start playing before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving?

Playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving has been a major controversy, and both sides have strong supporters. There are radio stations, along with individual people, that play Christmas music, but not everyone likes to hear it before the Thanksgiving holiday arrives. “I don’t like Christmas music before Thanksgiving because it takes away from the specialness of Thanksgiving,” junior Emma Scharfenberg said. On the other hand, Christmas music can be a fun, easy and effortless way to get into the holiday spirit. “[Christmas music should start before Thanksgiving] because it’s only a month away and there is no Thanksgiving music,” junior Kendal Evans said.  A total of 27 Rochester High School students voted and many appreciated Christmas music starting after Thanksgiving, with 20 votes to 7.