AATG rewards high-achieving German students


Sarah Walwema

The life of student is one that is full of testing. Tests have a lot of purposes from comparing students to their peers to seeing how far a student can push themselves. One test sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German awards German students for their proficiency in the language.  The AATG website encourages students to take the test by providing them with study material. Without the AATG, German students would not have the opportunity to be award for their hard work.

“[It was created] for professional support and professional development,” language teacher Mrs. Nancy Hanson said.  “It is for both teachers and professors, and it has several publications”

According to Mrs. Hanson, students who do well on the test have the opportunity to apply for a free trip to Germany. One or two students are selected from our region after they apply, write an essay in German, are interviewed in German and are recommended by their teacher.

“There are very cool activities for students (Jump into German),” Mrs. Hanson said. “There are current events, materials for teachers to use, travel and study programs, and much more.”

Even if a student does not do well on the test, it still prepares them for a future that features the German language.

“It doesn’t prepare them to take German, but it does provide practice in taking standardized tests in German,” Mrs. Hanson said.  “Before you enroll in a language class at the university, you will probably take a placement test to see where you fit in best.  This test gives you an idea what that would be like.”