2018 Election Preview


Pictured left to right: Elissa Slotkin, Mike Bishop, John James, and Debbie Stabenow. Photos courtesy of Creative Commons

Wyatt Anness, Staff Writer

With the 2018 midterm elections less than two months away, candidates across the state of Michigan are in the final stretch of campaigning to gain voters. The race for the Michigan’s 8th congressional district  has been deemed a toss up according to the non-partisan Cook Political Report. The current incumbent senator Debbie Stabenow is also up for re-election and is facing off against a Trump backed nominee.

Mike Bishop:

Mike Bishop is the incumbent Republican congressman for the 8th district of Michigan, and has been serving as congressman in the district since 2015. He was a former member of both the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan State Senate. He votes consistently along party lines and most recently helped pass the Taxes Cuts and Jobs act while serving on the ways and means committee. Bishop’s main issues include stopping opioid addiction, lower taxes, and less government regulation

Campaign website: www.electmikebishop.com

Elissa Slotkin:

Elissa Slotkin is challenging Mike Bishop for the 8th district House of Representatives seat. She is a former CIA Middle East analyst and was an Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. She’s running as a Democrat against Mike Bishop. Her main issues include affordable healthcare, combating opioid addictions, and affordable prescription drug.

Campaign website: https://elissaforcongress.com/

John James:

John James is a Republican  running for the Michigan Senate seat that incumbent Debbie Stabenow holds. James is a Trump-endorsed candidate, with President Trump fully endorsing him over Twitter when the primary occured. James is taking the “political outsider” approach, using his military experience over Debbie Stabenow, who he calls a “career politician.” James’s key issues include the defense of the 2nd amendment, border security, and entitlement reform.

Campaign Website: https://johnjamesforsenate.com

Debbie Stabenow:

Debbie Stabenow has been serving the Senate since her election in 2000. She’s a member of the Democratic Party, being the first women from Michigan elected to the US senate. She is currently the incumbent senator running against John James Stabenow is promoting a progressive agenda, with key issues being affordable healthcare, equal rights and veterans benefits. She serves the Senate Democratic Policy committee as the chairwoman.

Campaign website: https://debbiestabenow.com