Vine/meme spirit day ideas


Junior Alex Glaspie scrolls through memes on her phone, looking for the perfect outfit for spirit week. Photo by Zoe Sawdon.

Zoe Sawdon, Feature Editor

This fall, Rochester High School’s student government will be including the highly anticipated vine/meme day in the spirit week lineup. This theme will take place on Wednesday, September 26. Continue reading for a few ideas and some inspiration for how to dress up like your favorite vine or meme.

Arthur the Aardvark
Wear a yellow long sleeve sweater with a white collared shirt underneath, and pair it with blue jeans. Accessorize with a pair of glasses and some ears (or pull your hair into space buns). Make sure to stay in character by clenching your fist throughout the day.

That’d be great
Wear a light blue button-up shirt with a white collared shirt underneath. Add a pair of suspenders, a tie, some glasses, and carry around a mug. Make sure to say, “That’d be great,” whenever you’re annoyed.

Road work ahead
Cut out a piece of orange cardboard or cardstock and make it look like a “Road Work Ahead” road sign. Then attach some string to it to hang around your neck.

Lebron James
This one is pretty simple. All you need to do is wear a blue Nike basketball shirt and repeatedly say “Lebron James” as you wander the halls.

Who is she
Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and tie it with a scrunchie, then add a pair of black glasses. Make sure to show off your impressive dance moves and flash a big smile to your classmates.

They are my crocs
All you have to do for this vine is dress up like a grandma and show off your favorite crocs. Make sure to have your friends ask you, “What are those?” throughout the day.

I could have dropped my croissant
Wear a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. Carry around a croissant on a plate, and be careful not to drop it while you make your way around the school.

It’s Wednesday, my dudes
To dress up like this vine, wear a Spiderman suit and swim goggles. Since meme and vine day is Wednesday’s theme, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite catchphrase.