With more options then ever, which streaming service is best for you?


An RHS student watches Netflix, one of the many streaming services available today.

Bianca Mow, Sports Editor


Hulu Netflix Youtube TV Amazon Video
Price per month $7.99 $7.99 $40 $8.99
Concurrent streams 1 1-4 3 2
What it is Hulu is an online streaming service that not only allows users to watch past TV shows, but live TV as well. When paying $7.99 per month, viewers only have access to the past episodes. If users want live TV, the price per month increases. Netflix is a family streaming service. In addition to the many TV shows and movies, there are settings to make sure all family members are watching appropriate shows and movies. Unlike other services, Netflix is ad-free. Youtube TV is another way to watch live TV on multiple devices. Because this is a newer option, it is still lacking a few major stations and viewing options. In addition to this issue, YouTube TV is not supported on Apple TV, Roku, and  Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Video is a service that allows subscribers to rent and watch movies and shows online. Many times, Amazon includes this option for those who have Amazon Prime.  Just like Netflix, viewers are able to download videos to whatever they are watching on to view when best fit.
Who should use it This service is best for people who no longer have cable. To get the most out of Hulu, purchasing the live TV option would give subscribers the most options. Netflix is best for families and those who still have cable, but are looking for another way to watch videos. With this service, viewers can download videos to watch anywhere. This service is best for someone who is willing to be patient with the holes YouTube needs to fill. It is also best for those who don’t have cable and still want to have the ability to record and watch live shows. This service is best for those who are into watching movies, but don’t want to have to buy them.  With this service, movies are always at the tip of viewers’ fingers.