“Black Panther” Review

Patrick Jordan, Staff Writer

Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/ Black Panther) speaks at Comic Con. Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Black Panther is the latest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Released on Feb. 16, the film  revolves around an African king named T’Challa. Along with being king, he is also the Black Panther, the protector of his people,  a title duty given to the king for thousands of years.

The story begins with a father telling his son the story of Wakanda. Five tribes of humans settled at the crash site of a million year old meteor containing vibranium. The tribes at were at war, until one warrior arrose to become the Black Panther, the king of Wakanda.The current Black Panther, T’Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman), is to become king after the death of his father, T’Chaka. An arms dealer named Ulysses Klaue (played by Andy Serkis) emerges to sell vibranium. Complications arise  when T’Challa meets Klaue’s accomplice, Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan). It is revealed that Killmonger is actually T’Challa’s cousin. In 1992, T’Chaka murdered his brother for helping Klaue steal vibranium from Wakanda. However, he abandoned his nephew in America. Killmonger joined the CIA in order to get the opportunity to get close enough to T’Challa to kill him, take his throne, and have revenge for his father’s death.

Killmonger was one of the best parts of the movie. He is one of the most sympathetic villains in any movie in the MCU. His motivation is not only revenge, but to save oppressed people around the world. He has watched people of African decent fall victim to oppression, and he knows Wakanda has the technology to help. However, instead of sending aid, Killmonger plans to send weapons of mass destruction to agents of Wakanda hidden around the world and use them to conquer every nation.

This brings up one of the movie’s strongest themes: racism. The movie shows how people divide from each other and keep things from each other. For instance, Wakanda has kept its advanced technology from the world for thousands of years.

However, it also shows how people can be united as one people, or as T’Challa says, “one tribe.” One question that is continually asked is what can one do do make the world a better place. T’Challa is conflicted, either hide from the wold and keep ancient traditions, or share Wakanda’s resources with the world and help people in need.

The acting in the movie was excellent. Specifically, the performance by Danai Gurira, who played Okoye. A strong, female, warrior loyal to the throne. In addition, Michael B. Jordan gave a complex and convincing performance as Killmonger.

This is one of Marvel’s best. It is so relevant to current issues in the world, and earns a 5/5 rating.