RHS holds Coffee House event for charity


Karlyn Kelley

Graduate Bre Weaver comes back to RHS to perform for students during Coffee House.

Taylor Simmons, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

RHS held its second Coffee House event on Jan. 18.  Coffee House allowed students to come and perform in front of other kids from RHS while enjoying coffee and desserts and relaxing before exams. All of the proceeds went to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this year’s Charity Week selection.  Jillian Thom was the first to perform for the event, and enjoyed taking part in it. 

“Being able to see people at Rochester come together and see people’s talent,” Thom said. “Hopefully people get inspired by each other.”

Thom has had many experiences playing in front of others and was excited to be part of this event.

“I am always excited to perform!” Thom said. “Tonight I am singing with the ukulele and singing at the same time. I am hoping I I can connect with the audience with my song choice.”

Thom kept her audience in mind while selecting her performance piece. 

“This is my first time playing the ukulele,” Thom said. “I wanted to pick a song that I could play easily and beautifully with my voice. Also, something the audience will enjoy.”