Mr. Campbell receives National Board Certification


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Physics Teacher Mr. Gary Campbell

Gloria Baldevia , Staff Writer

An educator’s job is never easy. When they start a new day in school with the hopes of teaching the students and helping shape them as future members of society, it is not a simple task. Physics teacher Mr. Gary Campbell takes on this challenge daily, and his profound passion for teaching and giving students the gift of knowledge has earned him a National Board Certification.

Following a standardized research and practitioner expertise, the National Board Certification, given by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standard, recognizes teachers who are not only dedicated to their work, but who also meet a series of core propositions that show their commitment to the learning community. Mr. Campbell, representing Science/Adolescent and Young Adulthood developmental learning, was identified as one of these teachers who created a positive impact on students’ understanding.

“I feel very honored to have been granted teacher certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards,” Mr. Campbell said. “Every teacher strives to bring out their very best in this profession and we all go to great lengths to capture students’ attention, and make education meaningful and relevant to their lives.”

Mr. Campbell, along with 17 other Rochester Community Schools teachers, earned the National Board Certification last month.  They accomplished this by getting closely evaluated for almost three years through their classroom performance and their methods of assessment.

“Now with a total of 19 National Board Certified educators working with the students of RCS, we are able to claim nearly 5 percent of the state’s total National Board Certified educators.” said Mr. Douglas Hill, Rochester Education Association President. “I believe this really highlights the RCS strategic plan of ‘Pride in Excellence.’”

For Mr. Campbell, one lesson that stood out from his experience as an educator is that he learned to adapt to his students’ needs and levels of comprehension.  His understanding of what is needed inside the four walls of his classroom gave him a clear path to achieve the honor.

“Finding additional methods for documenting evidence of student achievement,” Mr. Campbell said. “Believing that students are learning is different than showing evidence as such, and requires consistent self-reflection and willingness to adapt and improve.”

Mr. Hill sees this recognition as a major accomplishment for Mr. Campbell and says it is a reflection of his dedication to teaching

“I’m excited for Mr. Campbell. I know how much time, effort, and energy he’s expended over the past several years to complete this certification,” Mr. Hill said. “It is truly a terrific accomplishment for Mr. Campbell and speaks volumes of his dedication to this profession and his willingness to continue to grow as an educator.”

Mr. Campbell further discussed how he thinks that the key to success in his professional growth is making sure that he also knows his capabilities as an educator, and takes time to evaluate the methods he uses to deliver instruction.

“Not only do teachers evaluate the work of their students, but also their own work as teachers.” Mr. Campbell said. “Self-evaluation is a key for anyone’s success in any profession and a topic that we discuss regularly at our staff meetings.  Teachers make a deliberate point to reflect regularly on what works in class and how to develop new strategies that make the curriculum more accessible to all students.”

Mr. Hill also acknowledges that the way Mr. Campbell extends his dedication to teaching to the next level gives a certain pride to the district that emphasizes its competency to deliver a good education to students.

“Rochester Community Schools is a premier school district in this state and nation,” said Mr. Hill. “Having our educators dedicate themselves to move through the rigorous certification process that is National Board Certification only serves to further underscore Rochester’s commitment to having the best educators to ensure our students receive the highest-caliber education possible.”

Mr. Campbell believes that other teachers at RHS will achieve this certification in the future.

“Knowing the staff here at RHS I can tell you that our building is full of excellent teachers, teaching at a high level, who will also achieve certification in the next few years,” Mr. Campbell said. “The quality of education that students receive at Rochester High School is out of this world due to our dedicated teachers and administrators’ leadership.”