Fun ways to pass your time over Winter Break


Get back to your childhood roots and build a snowman with a friend over break. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Megan Lorenzo, Staff Writter

Winter break is around the corner, which means it’s time for sleeping in and having a good time. It’s a time for seeing family members and friends; a time for no school and sitting back and relaxing. Winter break is considered by many to be the best break of the school year. It’s a 14-day-long break, the lengthiest one  of the school year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or don’t celebrate a holiday at all, there are  still many exciting things you can do over break besides giving gifts and spending time with family.

One great way to have a fun time over the break is to visit downtown Rochester. The downtown area of Rochester attracts local residents and people from all over Michigan, and is home to more than 350 stores, salons, restaurants and businesses. During the holiday season, downtown Rochester is lit up in holiday lights.

“Downtown Rochester is an amazing place to visit during the holiday season,” sophomore Sidney Swart said. “I especially like the bright lights and getting hot chocolate.”  

Another great idea if you ever get bored over the winter break is to go see a movie. Emagine or AMC Star Great Lakes 25 are both great places to spend some time with friends or family. If money is tight, you can either go to the closest Redbox or On Demand, which  offers movies that have been in theaters a little bit longer, and host a movie marathon at home.

“I love sitting back and relaxing over break,” freshman Faith Cabalum said. “So going to the movies is my favorite thing to do”

Going to the movies or going downtown isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do over winter break. Instead, you could go outside in the snow, build a snowman, go sledding or just hang outside with friends.

“Over break I don’t like being stuck in the house,” freshman Ana Hernandez said. “I love going outside in the cold and sledding down a huge hill.” 

Simply being lazy is another fun option for passing time over winter break. Start a fire in the fireplace, grab a fuzzy blanket and go straight for the couch. Turn on your favorite Netflix show or flip through the channels on TV.

“Winter break is all about a relaxing time” freshman, Brooke Gordon said. “I love to start a warm fire, wrap up in a blanket on the couch, and watch TV.”

With 14 days of sleeping in over break, but don’t forget to enjoy all that is around you!  Take advantage of the Rochester Area.  From great restaurants and stores to nature walks to bright light shows and more, you will never be bored over Winter Break in Rochester.  Get out and enjoy!  That is, after you sleep in, of course!