BRIEF: Michigan State defeats Michigan


University of Michigan’s “Big House” Stadium where the game was played. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Noah Peterson, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Oct. 7 the University of Michigan and Michigan State University faced off at “The Big House” where State came out on top, beating Michigan 14 to 10. After the game tensions flared on both sides as fans saw the results pour in.

“I felt like my head was going to explode,” junior Anthony Po said. “It was so upsetting to see them [Michigan] lose because they were favored to win.”

After the game State was awarded the Paul Bunyan trophy, which signifies the sports rivalry between the two schools.

“It was so exciting to beat Michigan after last year’s previous defeat,” junior Mackenzie Smith said. “Next year I hope we can keep this up against our rivals and win again.”  

Many blame a variety of different factors for Michigan’s loss including; rain, a poor defensive line and the quarterback. Whatever the cause of their defeat was, it is clear that Michigan will need to remedy the problem in order to beat State at next year’s match between these historic rivals.

“I don’t have any skin in the game,” RHS varsity football coach Eric Vernon said. “I think Michigan’s line could use a lot of work.”