BRIEF: RHS STUGO raises money for hurricane relief


The Texas National Guard helps Houston residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Colin Alison, Staff Writer

Early September’s hurricanes prompted a huge response from around the nation, including RHS. Rochester’s Student Government responded by trying to raise funds in order to help schools in the affected areas get back on track.

“[I hope this fundraiser will] make a difference, since we are helping certain schools rebuild and make things normal for kids again,” STUGO’s junior Charlie Fossen said.

The damage has created a lasting impact on the areas affected, such as damaging schools and leaving large areas out of power.

“It’s terrible, sad, and something that our country needs to address and support by helping them out,” Fossen said.

The overall success of the fundraiser has prompted STUGO to think about making another fundraiser if another disaster strikes again.

“RHS is definitely going to help raise funds in future natural disasters since we’ve had success with this one,” Fossen said. “[It] means that people across the country like us will jump to help those in need.”