Freshman year in review

The class of 2020 reflects on their first year at RHS


Starting high school as a freshman is a crazy and new experience for students. Since freshman are coming from middle school, it can be hard to adapt to the pressure and energy that high school has to offer. So, how did the class of 2020 feel about its first year at RHS?

“I love the freedom you get in high school,” Freshman Talia Bowes said. “You get to carry a backpack, use your phones at lunch and in the halls.” 

One way to feel welcome at a new school is to partake in after school activities, like theatre, sports, and national honor societies.

 “My favorite part of freshman year was theatre, without a doubt,” said Bowes. “I met so many new people and made so many new friends that I can’t imagine not knowing them now.”

“The most fun I had at a school event was the RHS Theatre trip to Bay City for LoveFest 2017,” freshman Brendan Eaton said. 

High school provides new learning opportunities that were not available in middle or elementary school. As students approach their post-high school years, they often look for experiences that allow them to explore their options for the future, and RHS has a number of classes and activities that offer just that.

“I really enjoy that you can have a schedule more geared to yourself and your goals,” said Bowes. “I took band and computer programming, two things that I’m really interested in, and am considering going into as a career.”

As the school year is coming to an end and the freshmen are going to become sophomores, there is a lot to look forward to. There are new and harder classes coming, as well new people coming in to meet.

“I’m excited to do theatre again and for my astronomy/geology class,” freshman Chloe Schultz said.

But there are still things students feel unsure and nervous about, even when they’re not going to be freshmen anymore.

“I’m excited/nervous to join tennis next year and to continue doing theatre productions,” said Eaton. “I’m also nervous for my classes becoming more demanding and challenging.”

While a new year will still bring new demands, freshmen know what to look forward to for sophomore year based on their experiences this year. 

“I’m super excited to do theatre all year, instead of just the second semester like I did this year,” said Bowes. “I’m also looking forward to marching band season to start up again and for no longer being the youngest in the school.”

Now that they have made it through the first year of high school, the class of 2020 has some advice for the upcoming freshman class.

“My advice is to do all your homework,” said Eaton. “Don’t waste class time where you could be working, and study.” 

While high school is fun, Bowes says it is also important that students take it seriously.

“Don’t make high school the best time of your life. Have fun while you’re here but make sure you do your schoolwork and prepare yourself for your future,” said Bowes. “High school is only four years out of a lifetime and it’s going to go by so fast, don’t make it the highlight of your entire life.”