BRIEF: Physics trip to Cedar Point


Students on the field trip pose in front of the entrance to the park.

Angela Mammel, Feature Editor

On May 18, physics students in Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Ortman’s classes visited Cedar Point for a day full of observing the science behind roller coasters.

“The whole idea of having a physics day at Cedar Point was super cool,” junior Gita Kattimani said. “I loved how they had stations on the midways where you could speak to people in the field or see different scientific demonstrations.”

Students such as Kattimani loved how the day let them apply what they’ve been learning in class, such as seeing the centripetal force of circular rides in action.

“Going to Cedar Point and doing the lab after it really helped me apply physics to a real-life situation, which was super cool to think about after we had fun at the park,” Kattimani said.

Although some students may find physics to be difficult, Kattimani still sees the importance in learning about many different branches of the subject.

“(Physics) can be really hard at some points, but it’s okay,” Kattimani said. “It’s definitely good to gain knowledge of all types of science in high school.”