Senior Column: High school will actually end at some point


Lauren Alison, Copy Editor

I remember my first day of freshman year like it was yesterday. I can honestly say that it was one of the worst days I have had in my life. Coming from West Middle School, most of my friends had ended up going to Adams, leaving me to practically start over at a new school.

My first day of school, it felt as though I had no friends at all. I was trying to navigate this new school without anyone to help me and was having a horrible time trying to do it. On top of that, I had to walk home with a heavy backpack in the sweltering heat. All I wanted to do was cry and never come back school.

As all things go, time went on and I soon became used to how things were in RHS. I made new friends, was getting good enough grades, and entered the repetitive school cycle. Things didn’t seem so daunting anymore and school became school.

I remember being at lunch on my first day, sitting with no one that was actually my friend, and feeling as though high school would never end. It felt as though I would be there forever and that I would be miserable for every second of it. While I can’t say that I had a great time all of the time and loved high school, I can confidently say that it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Were there times that I felt as though my teachers were trying to kill my mental health? Yes. Were there times that I felt like I was dying from stress? Of course. Would I change a thing about my experience at RHS? I can’t say that I would.

There will be times that will try you. High school is not all rainbows and sunshine and I think that everybody knows that. No matter the year, there will always be that one teacher that is way harder on you than the others, but that is just how it is. Just do what you are supposed to do, because not listening to a teacher because you don’t like them is dumb and only hurts yourself in the end.

It is amazing how much you will change from the beginning to the end of high school. All of the changes will happen in very subtle ways that are almost unnoticeable. People always have the notion that you need to experience everything in order to find yourself. That just isn’t true. Explore ideas, talk to different people, be conscious of everything around you and make opinions about it. That it how you find who you are and what you want out of life. Doing something stupid for the “experience” of it does not make you any wiser nor does it make you any better. Stupid is stupid is stupid and there is nothing more than that. Being independent is one the most important things you can do for yourself. Think for yourself, and never give in to those around you for the sake of fitting in. Fitting in has always been overrated.

I can say that one of the highlights of my high school career was working on The Talon. If it wasn’t for the newspaper, I’m not sure exactly who I would be today. It sounds very dramatic, but it truly did change my life for the better. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Satterthwaite campaigning for The Talon, I am positive that I wouldn’t have the great friends that I have today. Walking into the DL lab on the first day, I was so nervous. I had no friends in the class and didn’t really believe in my skills as a writer. It was that first day that I sat down next to Morgan and met her for the first time. While most of the juniors sat back in the second to last row, Morgan was kind enough to follow me to the front row with no one else we knew around. Thank you, Morgan, for putting up with all of my complaints over the past two years and for continuing to sit next to me right back next to the teacher’s desk, where most students flee from. Also, thank you for putting up with all of my random singing and most always singing along with me.

The Talon has become like a family this year, which is something I couldn’t be happier about. I will truly miss all of our editor meetings, Talon lunches, and late-night layouts. I will also miss a number of the amazing teachers who have helped to guide me during my time at RHS. For everyone, I just want to say thank you.