Elle Casey’s “Apocalypsis” gives a fresh take to dystopia

Elle Caseys Apocalypsis gives a fresh take to dystopia

Lauren Alison, Copy Editor

The “Apocalypsis” series is just one of the wildly popular series written by Elle Casey. Set in an unknown time like today, “Apocalypsis” is a fun series that can take readers from laughing to crying to anger in just a few pages.

“Apocalypsis” starts out with a seventeen-year-old Bryn Mathis, who has been on her own for about a year after her dad has died. Living on her own is not the only thing that Bryn has to worry about. A plague has raced across the globe, leaving only those under the age of 20 alive. Since being on her own without any adults to help look after her, Bryn has been holed up in her home since her father had died. It is only when she leaves the house because she is almost out of food, that she meets Peter, a boy living in a neighbor’s house who is around the same age as Bryn. Together, Bryn and Peter leave behind their homes when they decide that there is no longer anything there that will help them survive. Bryn and Peter balance each other out. Bryn knows how to defend herself from years of learning martial arts as well as survival skills from her father, while Peter knows more about practical things like organization and planning. It is along Bryn and Peter’s journey to find a new place to live that they come across a German exchange student named Bodo. Bodo then joins Bryn’s little group and they continue on their way. It is when Peter, Bryn and Bodo get caught up in a bad situation that they meet Kowi, Trip, Paci and Coli, members of a Native American tribe that they find refuge within. Together, Bryn and her new family find a haven that not only protects them, but anyone who seeks a safe place to stay.

Throughout the series, Bryn and her friends face a number of problems, the most prevalent being gangs that Peter likes to call canners. Canners are cannibals. They are often times live in excess and feel no remorse for those they kill.. Another group called the Amazons believe that men were the problem with society and are trying to repopulate the earth with people they believe will no longer be greedy or controlling. In a later book, Bodo was actually kidnapped by the amazons and was going to be used as a sperm donor when Bryn was actually able to rescue him. There were times that Bryn and her friends got along with the Amazons and actually turned to them for help.

One of the best things about this series is the humor incorporated into it. In the description of this book, the author even says that the series is dark science fiction, but there are still plenty of moments that will have readers laughing out loud. Bryn is pretty funny, but it is Peter and Bodo that really steal the show. Peter is constantly using obscure phrases that almost don’t make sense, but are weird enough to incite amusement. Bodo, being from Germany and a totally different culture, can at times almost seem oblivious in most situations. His obliviousness is hilarious. It is also his German accent that is really fun to read. Casey did a great job at depicting his German accent. Another great thing about the series is Bryn herself. Her dad obviously took great care into seeing that she could take care of herself, and it showed throughout the whole series. While Bryn was very tough, she could also be vulnerable and was very protective of those around her. Bryn is definitely someone that people would want to be friends with.

One minor thing that could be considered not in favor of the series was Bryn’s absolute preparedness. How much sense does it make that Bryn’s father would prepare her for everything she would encounter when he couldn’t have known what was coming? Bryn always knew what to do no matter what and couldn’t be beaten. Everyone has their weaknesses, but it seemed as though Bryn had none. It just wasn’t real enough.

Overall, Elle Casey’s “Apocalypsis” series is notable. Those who love science fiction with a great deal of reality thrown in will love the series. The first book in the series is called “Kahayatle” and can be downloaded for free on IBooks, Amazon and Google Play.

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