Things to do on Valentine’s Day


Victoria Wendt and Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

Go ice skating- A sporty couple can enjoy each other’s company by taking to the outdoors to participate in outdoor ice skating! Ice skating is an activity to have laughs and enjoy one another’s company. Love is in the air with each lap around The Rink At Campus Martius Park, in Detroit, MI. Bundle up and embrace the outdoors this Valentine’s Day.


Go to dinner- Going to dinner is a classic plan when a special day comes about. Food never goes out of style, so pick out your favorite restaurant and sit down with your loved one to enjoy your favorite meals. For a couple on a budget, Bravo or Kruse and Muer are great affordable options. If you’re feeling like spoiling someone special, The Cheesecake Factory or Benihana are the places for you.


Stay-in movie night- Not feeling like going out? There’s nothing wrong with staying home on Valentine’s day. Make it exciting by setting up a blanket fort with your boyfriend/ girlfriend and turn on a movie of choice. Make some fun treats and share each other’s company from home this Valentine’s Day!


Night out with the girls- Valentine’s Day is not only for the couples out there. If you don’t have a date, go spend the night with your best girl friends. There is many things you and your friends can do. For example, go out to dinner together, go see a movie, or collect all the snacks and blankets you can find, finishing the night off by binge watching all your favorite shows or movies.


Night out with the bros- This night can also be a night for single men. Invite a group of your best friends over that you know of who doesn’t have plans for the day as well. Play the newest video games and pig out on your favorite foods. If your friend group is athletic, try an indoor batting cage or go to lifetime and play a game of basketball. No matter what you and your friends decide to do, you will potentially have a blast!