Jeans vs. Leggings

Senior Haven Fowler wakes up for school on a Tuesday morning. A little tired, she begins to pick out her outfit for the day. After grabbing a pair of leggings, she tosses them to the side along with her comfort, and decides to go for what she feels is the more stylish option: jeans.

“Jeans fit my style more,” Fowler said. “I wear jeans everywhere, like to school and work.”

Over the past few years, leggings have made a come up as the new pant. Due to the comfortable material they are made of, they seem  to be worn more than jeans. Junior Brittney Evered explains why she is #TeamLeggings.

“I don’t like jeans unless they’re jeggings,” Evered said. “I don’t find them comfortable.”

Unlike Evered, Fowler feels differently about leggings.

“I dislike leggings because they’ve become such a basic everyday apparel, when really they should be worn irregularly.”

Freshmen Meagen Heitchue is also #TeamJean. Heitchue describes why she doesn’t wear leggings as often, as well as when and where she thinks wearing leggings are appropriate.

“I think leggings are more dressy because you can wear nicer clothes and shoes with them,” Heitchue said. “I would wear jeans to a casual place and leggings to a nicer restaurant or special event.”

Fowler disagrees, finding jeans to be more fancy.

“I think jeans are more dressy because they’re more stylish and classier,” Fowler said. “I think you can wear them both anywhere depending on the rest of the outfit.”  

Some students find themselves wearing both jeans and leggings. Sophomore Ally Khalaf is #TeamLeggings and explains a con she found on the jeans side.

“I don’t really wear one more than the other,” Khalaf said. “I would chose leggings since jeans take too long to put on sometimes.”

Fowler adds which she would wear for the rest of her life.

“If I had to choose what I’d want to wear for the rest of my life it would be jeans,” Fowler said.  “You could find yourself a real comfy pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and rock them like the 90s. #TeamJeans.”