Pep Assembly Preview


Grace Crites and Jenna Norgrove

The Rochester boys and girls varsity basketball teams will be playing the Rochester Adams Highlanders on February 3, 2017 at the O’rena for the annual Crosstown Showdown. AP U.S. history teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski and Junior Class Ambassador president Paige Gonterman will be organizing the winter pep-assembly to increase school spirit and support the RHS basketball teams.

“This assembly is built off competition and cooperation,” Mr. Zwolinski said. “We are going to put the freshmen and the seniors together for some things and the sophomores and juniors for others. The goal is going to be centered around activities that create competition and unity at the same time.”

Every year, the week of the game, RHS plans a school-wide spirit week. Spirit week is a chance for students to dress up while getting involved and participating in school spirit.

“This year the spirit week is going to be a competition between the freshmen and seniors and the sophomores and juniors,” Gonterman said. “Each day they’ll be two different spirit themes and they will be a battle to get the most participation.”

During this year’s pep assembly, RHS will be hosting Chinese foreign exchange students who will get to partake in all the fun and experience RHS’ culture and student life.

“It is also the week that the Chinese exchange students are going to be here,” Zwolinski said.  “So they will get to experience what it is to be a Falcon, and how as a school we value our athletic basketball team as well”.

The pep assembly will have many interactive games for students to participate in, including elimination basketball, an obstacle course, and human foosball.

“In the pep assembly we will be doing a school wide ‘Mannequin Challenge,’” Gonterman said. “And Mr. Wescott will be ‘bringing the rain’ once again.”

Students of RHS look forward to the pep assembly, as it is a way to get goofy and welcome the new semester they have in front of them.

“I’m excited to watch everyone play the games and dressing up,” junior Nina Crocenzi said. “Everyone is friendly and having fun, it really showcases school pride.”

The pep assembly is not only way to increase student participation and spirit, but also to gear the Falcons basketball teams up for a great game against the Rochester Adams Highlanders.

“You get to see how everyone is rooting for you,” senior captain Ivan Barraza said. “And it makes you feel important.”