Essential oils provide alternative de-stressing methods

Grace Crites, Staff Writer

The rise of popularity in essential oils has taken the Aromatherapy community by storm. Essential Oils are concentrated extracts taken from various plants that develop different scents and purposes. Millions of people across the world have experimented with essential oils. The use of essential oils can extend anywhere from inhalations to facial steams. The most common form of essential oil use is diffusers. Diffusers are humidifiers that extract essential oils contents rather than water vapor. Many people use their essential oil diffuser primarily for the scent.

Sophomore Payton Johnson describes why she uses a diffuser,

“I enjoy using my diffuser during and after cleaning my room,” Johnson said. “It makes allows cleaning to be more enjoyable and effective in the end”.

Essential oils do much more than create a pungent aroma. Essential oils have been proven to have several physiological benefits. American Sign Language teacher, Ms. Angela Lowry, has taken advantage of essential oil’s benefits by having a diffuser in her classroom.

“Certain scents can relax and de-stress while other give you more energy to get up and do your housework (in my case),” Ms. Lowry said. “Some also work with bug bites, upset stomach and headaches, as well as many other uses.”

Ms. Lowry goes further in saying that diffusers and essential oils are worth the cost.

“I believe that it is worth the price,” Ms. Lowry said. “The diffusers and oils both last a long time. You really only need a few drops of oils for each application.”

There are also scientifically proven benefits from using diffusers that Ms. Lowry enjoys the benefits of.  

“It also helps with some homeopathic medicinal remedies,” Ms. Lowry said. “Sometimes using oils directly on the skin or in a diffuser can help relax and get rid of a headache instead of automatically taking pills or other medicines.”

Taking the natural solution to stress and pain has been effective for Ms. Lowry and many others. Aromatherapy could potentially change how people manage their feelings and replace chemicals, medicine and all the side effects that come with them.