Book recommendations based on popular book series


Lauren Alison, Copy Editor


Harry Potter Series By: J.K. Rowling

Why are they similar?: For those who like magic and self-discovery stories similar to that of Harry Potter, “The Witches of the Black Castle” and “Seeds of Discovery” will be the perfect fit.

The Witches of the Glass Castle By: Gabriella Lepore

Living what she thought was an ordinary life, Mia is thrown for a loop when she finds out that she and her family are anything but normal. All it took was one accident and before she knows it, Mia and her brother Dino are sent off to The Glass Castle, where she and her brother will learn what it takes to be a witch. But once again, not everything is as it seems. Allegiances will be questioned, the line between right and wrong will blur and not everyone will make it out unscathed.

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Series) By: Breena Puttroff

Teenager Quinn Robbins’ life couldn’t be better. She has good friends, stellar grades, a loving family and she has just been asked out by the popular football player, Xander Cunningham. One day, after picking her little sister up from the babysitter’s, Quinn encounters a freak incident with Will, a boy from her school. Wanting to find out exactly what happened, Quinn starts to pay attention to William at school. The more time she spends watching him, the more she notices how much he tries to blend in and direct attention away from himself. On sudden impulse, Quinn finds herself following William into the woods she has seen him disappear into. What she finds will not only change her life, but all of the people’s surrounding her as well.

The Hunger Games Series By: Suzanne Collins

Why are the similar?: Full of high stakes and nonstop action, “Nameless” and “The Scourge” will suit anyone with a love for the dystopian lifestyle that “The Hunger Games” took to a whole new level.

Nameless (Broken City Series) By: Jessica Sorenson

Held captive for an unknown amount of time, Allura can’t remember her life before she was locked away. Assaulted by guards and used on the daily because of her seemingly life source, Allura’s life is supposedly hopeless. It is only when three young men, Blaise, Ryder and Reece, show up that Allura sees some semblance of light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of her new friends, Allura will learn that outside of her cell, the world is just as unforgiving. The new world is a desert land with an endless supply of predators, and Allura just so happens to be the prize prey.

The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness Series) By: A.G. Henley

Seventeen-year-old Fennel is a Groundling, condemned to the ground where beasts roam. For Fennel, being blind has its perks, for it is only her who the beasts will not go near. Because of her immunity, Fennel is sent out to gather water for the Lofties, the Groundlings’ tree-dwelling neighbors. Once Fennel is made the official water gatherer, she is assigned a companion, Peree, who is a Loftie that will help to guide and protect her. With the two communities on the brink of war, it is only through Fennel and Peree to uncover the secrets of the forest so that their people survive and live peacefully once again.

The Divergent Series By: Veronica Roth

Why are they similar?: Brimming with heartbreak and sadness, “Sunset Rising” and “Branded” takes the inequalities of society once presented in “Divergent”, and introduces them once again with fresh and new plotlines.

Sunset Rising (Sunset Rising Series) By: S.M. McEachern

For seventeen-year-old Sunny O’Donnell, living as a slave in the Pit is just as bad as it sounds. Not only is the work rigorous and the food rations few and far between, but with the recent death of  her mother in the annual spring Cull, and her Father’s deteriorating state, life for Sunny couldn’t get any worse. Or so she thought. It is when when Sunny is tasked with a new job for a night that she meets Leslie Holt, the president’s daughter, and her fiancé, Jack Kenner. Leslie then asks a favor of Sunny, but little did Sunny know that it was a setup, leaving her accused of treason. After escaping with Jack, who also had no clue of the setup, Sunny must learn to get along with him in order to learn the truths behind the society she lives in and lead a revolution that could save the lives of thousands.

Branded (Sinners Series) By: Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

It was the start of a new era when The Commander came into power. What is a crime is no longer defined by juries or legislators, but straight from the bible itself. Thought to be the undoing of society, The Commander implements the the seven deadly sins as the guideline for crime. Those who commit a sin are sent to the Hole.  Under the ever so watchful eyes of the guards and not so habitable living conditions, the Hole is practically a death sentence. Convicted of a sin she didn’t do, Lexi is sent to the Hole with the symbol for lust branded around her neck. Sent to the Hole for reasons unknown to her, Lexi and her personal guard, Cole, have a chance to destroy The Commander and his regime.

The Selection Series By: Kiera Cass

Why are they similar?: When first released, “The Selection” brought forth a story never seen before. Fun and quirky, “One Night with the Prince” and “Bound” explores the idea of choosing a spouse through a competition-like environment.

Bound (The Guardians Series) By: M.J. Stevens

Mella Wendorn’s life has been anything but spectacular. At seventeen-years-old, Mella has graduated high school and is working hard to save up for college. When Mella stops to help a hurt young man, her life changes forever. The young man she helped is Leo, a successor, and child of the Guardians of Selestia. It is then that Leo chooses Mella to be his bride, as successors are to supposed to choose a person to be their future spouse. Getting along with Leo is not the only challenge Mella faces. Because she has to get along with a family of royals she cannot stand, as well as conform to their standards, life for Mella can’t get much worse. But when an old enemy of the Guardians arises, it will be up to Mella to rise to the challenge.

One Night With the Prince By: T.M. Mendes

Seventeen-year-old Anna lives a normal, if not a little boring, life in Montana. All she wants to do is graduate high school so that she can have a little adventure in her life. When Anna wins a trip to Bantaniomos, her life takes an unexpected turn.  On the first day of her trip, Anna suddenly finds herself kidnapped by the royals.  Anna then comes to find out that she was mistaken for a princess of another country and must  compete for the prince’s heart alongside 14 other girls. Asked to stay in order to prevent a disaster with the press, Anna decides to enjoy herself and have fun while in the unexpected situation. It’s not like she has a chance with the prince. Right?   

Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series By: Rick Riordan

Why are they similar?: For those who enjoy Greek mythology, “Ignited” and “Downcast” are an exact match. Though not set in a camp for half-bloods, these books take a refreshing twist on Mnt. Olympus and its residents.

Ignited (Ignited Series) By: Desni Dantone

Life has been no walk in the park for seventeen-year-old Kris Young. After being attacked by strange gold-eyed people who are dead set on killing her, Kris runs away with the help of Nathan, a man sent to protect her. Trying to stay alive is one thing, but getting along with Nathan is a whole other task that has its fair share of challenges. Though trying at times, it is only Nathan who can tell Kris the truth about who she is and where she comes from. But not everything is as clear as Nathan originally thought. Kris has powers that have never been seen before, powers that are in league with the gods, and neither of them can figure out why. With enemies always around the corner, not everyone will make it out intact.

Downcast (Olympus Falling Series) By: Cait Reynolds

Life for senior Stephanie Starr is anything but content. With a controlling mother who forces her to wear clothes made for an 80 year old, and packed lunches of organic tofu, Stephanie is for the most part labeled a nerd. It is only when Haley Smith comes to town that her life changes for the better. While Haley tries to catch her attention, Stephanie runs away from him, afraid that he is only going to set her up for embarrassment. As Stephanie gets to know Haley more and more, her mother takes her controlling and domineering ways to a whole new level. It will be up to Stephanie herself to figure out who she truly is in order to save the town from a surprising villain.