4 Homecoming Horror Stories you’ve gotta read


Senior court members Maya Gilgenbach and Michael Williamson

Morgan Gallagher, Design Editor/Co-Photo Editor

Homecoming hype is hard to escape. With early-morning marching band performances, spirit week, and date proposals left and right, there’s something to like about homecoming for even the occasional bad dancer. With so much opportunity for a great time, what could go wrong? Answer: a lot. Here’s four true narratives of students (and staff?) that take the cake for “horrific homecoming” experiences.

STORY 1: “Dad, Can you Give us a Ride?”

In an excellent personal narrative, (used to kick off his first hour AP Lit class) Gollon shared the events of his own high school homecoming. Apparently, upon a recent breakup with a former girlfriend, the future english teacher had decided to ask someone else to attend with him instead. As it went, Gollon’s then ex-girlfriend had determined that she wanted to rally as his date yet again. After turning her down in fairness to his current date, it was quite a coincidence to find that someone had let the air out of his front tires when it came time for the dance to end. Later, there was confirmation from another classmate that it was indeed this now-ex-girlfriend that had committed the act. Some time later, (as the mighty legend goes) a young Mr. Gollon had no shame in a drive-by comment about karma to her upon seeing her own car left with tire problems.

STORY 2: Drop the Beat 

Imagine: You wait with anticipation as the homecoming dance inches closer. Looking fresh with a great suit jacket (Are these pants a little snug? Oh well.), you’re ready to show off the moves that everybody’s been waiting for. After about an hour of cool and casual dancing, (the crowd isn’t ready for your best work. Give them time.) you start to get serious. As soon as you start to throw down, it happens. The crowd can’t handle you, and neither can the seam of your pants, apparently. Cool. A rip that can’t go unnoticed. This exactly narrates Junior Julian Karagounis’ fateful homecoming night. When asked what happened to make his pants rip, the only response was, “I dropped to the beat.” Iconic.

STORY 3: Twice the Charm 

Fernanda Lopez, an enthusiastic now-sophomore, shared with us her lessons learned in regards to homecoming. Most people don’t necessarily consider safety preparations as the dance gets closer, but – Lopez has a good reason. Upon her first-ever homecoming, it was quite unfortunate when she managed to hurt her ankle severely when another player crashed into her during a volleyball tournament. Reduced to crutches, Lopez was forced to take homecoming off, despite a very cute dress. As if one dance wasn’t enough to miss, she also shared that the same thing happened months later before the Sadie’s dance. Good karma will come soon, Fernanda. Be careful, RHS.

STORY 4: Double Trouble 

Scoring one homecoming date is an achievement for most people, but scoring two is a home run almost unheard of. Senior Carly Craig, (the woman, the myth, the legend) somehow managed this for the 2016 homecoming season. Having two companions beside you on such a fun-filled night sounds great; that is, until they both ditch you not only at the same time, but together. Craig, a brave soul, surely didn’t need more misfortune when it comes to homecoming. She also shared with us that, during her sophomore year, her wondrous homecoming was spent not with friends, but at home. Doing what, you ask? Having her dad pull out a lost jewel from another hoco-goer’s dress from her foot. Way to forget the past and keep moving forward, girl.