BRIEF: Student discusses her unique family dynamic


Grace Murphy smiles with her younger sister, Emma.

Maya Subramanian, Staff Writer

Siblings are a major aspect of one’s childhood. Sophomore Grace Murphy is twelve years older than her sister Emma, and she has one other sister, aged thirteen. The age gap between Grace and Emma makes for a unique family dynamic, and Murphy discusses how it impacts her family.

“Having a really young sister is really fun for me because I love young kids,” Murphy said. “I always wanted a younger sibling, and now, it’s amazing watching Emma grow up because of how fast she learns.”

Murphy and her younger sister enjoy multiple activities together.

“She really likes listening to music and dancing around, so sometimes, we do that together,” Murphy said. “Her other favorite things to do are to play hide and seek and to chase each other.”

Despite the sisters’ special bond, Murphy explains some issues that arise due to the age difference.

“One drawback is that there are a lot of times that my parents can’t get me places because she’ll be asleep or something and they have to stay home with her,” Murphy said. “Also, sometimes I won’t get to do stuff because I’m the one that has to stay home with her, but I don’t mind!”

Overall, Murphy values and enjoys her family dynamic.

“The age difference makes my family unique,” Murphy said. “My other sister Claire, who’s 13, and I don’t have many friends with really young siblings. People are always really excited to meet my sister [Emma].”